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  1. ok, so deselecting 'unit number' *twice* and reselecting it seems to have solved the issue.
  2. When I number a position, let's say, 1-5; then number a new position 1-5 I get 6-10. Then I repeat the command 1-5, now I get 11-15. It won't restart the numbering at one even though it clearly says it in the box. I've tried changing the number then putting it back to 1. no dice. closing the file and reopening doesn't solve it. changing the direction of the numbering doesn't solve it. I got nothing. VW2021 SP2 I'm on a mac but I'm aware of a colleague who's experience the same thing on a PC
  3. Is the red rectangle in the fixtures the display or the plug?
  4. Fair enough. Let me ask the real question then: I recently submitted requests for Prolights Eclipse FS and for the Astera AX3. Is there a way to know when those might be available?
  5. Can anyone tell me how long the turn around time usually is?
  6. Lightwright can do the work you're looking for minus the graphical part, and it integrates with Vectorworks. It's a staple of my workflow as a production electrician and designer in theatre, concert touring, and corporate work. I use it to assign dimmers, circuits, and addresses, and it does all my load calculations. That's really scratching the surface of what it can do.
  7. These lines are appearing in my openGL renders at certain zoom distances from the drawing. I'll be zooming in and then all of a sudden they'll appear, then they'll go away. "well why don't you just zoom until the lines go away?" While that is a workaround, the lines appear while the camera is "sitting" in a seat in the back row of the theatre.
  8. Thanks again, Mark!! The 'by class attribute' is what I was missing. I did not import the label legend from a previous file. It was brand new.
  9. Thanks for looking at this, Mark! That didn't seem to do it though. The file is attached. 3d Label Legend Test.vwx
  10. I just started experimenting with 3d label legends. These lines are jaunty, yet unexpected and not useful. I can't seem to get rid of them. Any ideas?
  11. @Sam Jones No, I did in fact need the X coordinate as that will tell me where the mult head lands.
  12. Hi Sam, Thanks for the inquiry. This particular exercise is to create a worksheet for a regional theatre where the circuits in the stage house originate from the stage left mid-rail. During my prep I specify where the breakouts will land on the pipe so that the multi cables can be loomed appropriately on the midrail and lowered in, connected, and tied up to the pipe with minimal to no effort or thought to the process. That's my general rule for installing shows: Leave as little room as possible for interpretation.
  13. Pat, Thanks for your reply. I did try all of those things, but now I understand the problem. The X value of the Mult head is relative to the start of the multi. In order to get my desired result these things are true: Multis originate from the right of the drawing Mult head symbols are centered on the Mult End Small Mult Head symbols are 20" wide If I make a function that adds 10" to the LeftBound value of the mult, it will tell me where the mult head should drop.
  14. I created a report for my multi that includes a field for the X value of the Multi Head symbol. That symbol is consistently 44' 9 1/2" off in the report from where it actually is in the drawing. Thankfully it's consistent so I can create an extra column that accounts for the offset, but can anyone speak to why that's the case? I've checked the symbol itself and it's set to (0,0). The drawing and user origin are both the same in the drawing. I've created a new document just to make sure it wasn't the file itself and it reoccurs just the same. Ideas?
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