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  1. Can VW10 read files saved by VW11 and vice versa? I want to purchase a new licence for a satellite office but don't want to upgrade the main office at this stage. Any input gratefully received Colman Stephenson Julian Harrap Architects
  2. You could also try using WindowShade X which replicates the OS 9 feature would hide all of the window except the title bar.
  3. Has there been ANOTHER file format change between 9 .5 and 10.5? Can 9.5 read 10.5 files? Colman Stephenson
  4. We are planning an upgrade from 8.5. WHICH VERSION? We will be running OS X.2.8. Reading the board here there seem to be many problems with X.2 and VW 10.5. Is that the case? Is it possible to upgrade to 9.5? LICENCING Currently our 8.5 licences are pooled. It seems that 10.5 licences are dongled and so we will have to get one per machine. Is this the case? It will double our costs. Grateful for any assistance Colman Stephenson Julian Harrap Architects London, UK
  5. quote: Originally posted by Katie: You should contact your UK distributor in regards to the dongle use. I believe the dongle is included in the VW price, not an additional fee. Again, that is something to be discussed iwth Computers Unlimited. VW 10.5 is compatible with OS 10.2.8. Most of ht eproblems you see on here are resolved easily. I can't think of an OS X specific problem wtih VW 10.x. Honestly, VW 10 is more compatible with Jaguar than VW 9. VW 9 was designed circa 10.1.x. There are some limitations with VW 9 and OS 10.2, mainly printing issues. Is there a specific issue on the MB that you are concerned with in regards to VW 10 and OS 10? Thanks for this information. The point about the dongle is that I can no longer pool licences. Have I got that right? C
  6. As architects we are required to upload .dwf files for the purposes of sharing with design team members and contractors. Is their a Mac Utility to create .dwf from .dwg (similar to WHIP for the PC)? Are their plans to build this functionality into VectorWorks?
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