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  1. I usually don't have problems with this except for this one drawing (a VW2015 file converted to VW2013). When I create a section view, only the parts where the cutting line passes through is shown in elevation. See attached screenshot. I understand that it's supposed to show the back wall as well. I'm using a Japanese interface so I'd really appreciate it if you could include screenshots of where the commands are in the interface.
  2. Thanks, that's where I ended up and it's not really bad at all. Although having the clip cube option without a section viewport would definitely make the updates easier.
  3. I have the same question, Thibaut, glad you posted this one. Thank you, Mike. I am using VW Fundamentals 2013 and it has clip cube. Without the section viewport capability, how can I save the clip cube image to a viewport?
  4. I'm using Vectorworks 2015 in Japanese and I wish I could change the language to English. I've been using Vectorworks since its MiniCAD version so I kind of just figure out where the usual commands are; and a knowledge of Japanese also helps of course. What frustrates me are the new commands and features. Thanks for the video tutorials, they help me a lot. My company asked about changing the language to English but the local distributor said that there was no way to do this. (T_T)
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