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  1. @VeryCrunchyTaco If I create the seating section I wouldn't be able to create the aisle unless I drew out each section individually which I can do but it defeats the purpose of having the event seating tool. Thankfully this is an easy drawing but when I'm doing complex concentric seating, it would take fooooooreverrrr to create a seating section for each area just to create aisles.
  2. So here is my process, I draw a box then select event seating. I choose the chair I want then select the distances and then the focus point. I have the focus point selected straight on to face the stage. When I go to create my aisles, I draw a box over the area I want my aisle and make sure the box is above the seating, then highlight the box and chairs and select clip surface. Normally it works fine but something happened in the most recent update so now my chairs turn inward and it seems that it looses its focus point. Please help!
  3. I check both of those and my layer option are set to Show/Snap/Modify Others and I selected the Ignore layers with different scales and now I can assign the new design layer but it still disappears but if I put my mouse over where the object was, I can select the box the object is grouped in but I can't see it.
  4. Hello, So I'm trying to figure out why when I create a new design layer and assign an object to the design layer, it disappears. I have a diagram of a hotel ballroom and I am trying to assign my tables and chairs to a new design layer I called "tables." I create new design layer and I make sure to select Viewport visibility as Visible. I then select the tables and then assign them to the tables layer then they all disappear. I can activate that layer then they all appear but they appear by themselves and not with any of the other objects in my DWG. Please help and explain to me what I'm doing wrong. Thanks
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