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  1. Yes! Having dynamic viewports is an amazing idea! It just seems like the natural progression.
  2. Saved views is a great way to work, giving you the ability to quickly turn on and off multiple layers and classes to get down to the stuff that you really want to see. I think the next logical step in the development of this tool is to allow you to use class and layer filters with saved views. This will allow you to add classes and layers without having to worry about them showing up in your saved views. Implementing this will make templates even more powerful, as you can build saved views around your working naming convention in your template, then customize your classes and layers on a project by project basis without the extra work of rebuilding saved views.
  3. Thank you! After adding the designer tools and updating to SP2, Vectorworks has been all but unusable for me (my PC has 16gb system RAM, an additional 6gb of video RAM, and an i7 processor). Looking forward to getting back to drafting with a program that doesn't lag so far behind. Sometimes I have to hit TAB for 5-10 seconds before I can enter dimensions. So frustrating...
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