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  1. I have recently started using 2018 and I am having problem with overtime I open a new window, be it new or from a. saved file, the window opens up the full size of the screen meaning I have to resize it overtime so that I can see the whole thing and more importantly reach the tools along the top. With 2017 I had managed to get it so that each new window would open up and fit nicely between my tool pallets down each side. However I can't seem to work out how to do this in 2018. I am using Mac OS and I don't use the application window setting as I often work between several documents. Im sure there is a simple fix for this and its just me being a bit daft, but if someone could point it out to me that would be marvellous. Thanks
  2. thanks Jim. They actually phoned me back and directed me to your post else where. All sorted now. Thanks muchly
  3. SO it would appear that anytime i open up the Edit menu on a light and then make a change and close the edit menu vectroworks crashes. Any thoughts? I have tried phoning the support phone number but there was no answer. is there and email address i can try? thanks
  4. HI, I ma using the tool from the spot light menu. and simply inserting the focus point. I just placed a fresnel in the drawing and with the menu at the side set it to the focus point it was fine. put a second light in with the same procedure and it also was fine. I then went into the edit menu for that light and it crashed again.
  5. nope... just created a new blank document and had the light and focus point, nothing else at all and it just crashes
  6. HI, I am having a problem with vector works 2017. Each time I insert a light and a focus point and then try and get that light to focus on the focus point, VW crashes. This has happened twice in a fairly large vw file so i tried it with noting else other than the light and a focus point and again VW crashed. Any thoughts or advise greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


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