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  1. Thanks a lot for the help! I ended up using your trees hehe
  2. Basically what I want is a 2d image of a tree elevation since I'm working my sections in 2D, in the Top/Plan View to be exact, but I don't see to find any. Tha'ts why I need to rotate 3D objects in order to transform them into 2D objects in elevation. I can do it with other objects but I can't do it with trees, in fact even in 3D mode I have to click on OpenGL to see the image of the tree. How can I get a 2D elevation of a tree? I tried using images from google but those have the white background hard to remove. In your file you had 2D elevation tree, that's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for the help PD: Yes, I'm working with 3D objects
  3. Sorry but can you please elaborate the steps? I didn't quite understand your example. I Apologize but I'm not a Vectorworks professional, Thank you very much. Also I think those houses were made in 3D, while my section is completely made of 2D objects.
  4. Hi everyone. So I a have a 2D section using the Top View and I want to display the trees in elevation view but I don't know how to do it... With other objects such as furnitures what I do is to select the object that what I want to represent in elevation, change the view to front (or any other except plan view) and then convert the object to lines in the modify dropdown menu, finally copy the object and go back to plan view and paste it there. That way I can see a furniture or object in elevation while using the top view. But that doesn't happen with trees... The only way I can see the elevation of a tree is if I change the view to front then > View menu > rendering > OpenGL. But no matter what I can't save the 2D view in elevation so I can use it in the top plan view later on. I'm stuck here, I really need 2D images elevation trees, what can I do? Thanks in advance
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