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  1. What kind of settings sould I be using to export my renderings to a pict file or jpeg file. I'am wanting to get the best quality possable but I don't want to have to wait all day for the file to translate over.
  2. I have alot of fly throughs lately with doors that open as you approach them I liked to find out how this is done or what software is being used to preform this. Anyone have any clue
  3. I'AM Running the same type of Machine A G-4 800 Dual Processor and I downloaded the New 9.5 update and I'am getting the same response but on a drawing that rendered fine before the down load
  4. I Have a rendering I'am doing for a project in my office and it needs to have some tree's and bushes put in what is the best way to get realistic plant life in my drawings. What is being used the most by other users or is their another software that can be used along with vectorworks to accompolish this
  5. I'am using a 1055cm w/ microspot raster and printing from VW 9.5.1 I'am getting fill patterns that are very pixelated in other words you can see every box that makes up the pattern is there a way to fix the tightness of the patterns and I'am also getting jagged lines in my door symbols
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