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  1. Is it possible to link different 3D symbols to a single 2D/3D hybrid symbol? For example, I work in a theater where the space to hang lights on the FOH catwalk is very limited. Half the lights hang under the pipe, the other half over hang. Currently I've created two symbols for those lights so their orientations show correctly in a sectional view, but that splits the instrument count into two categories. The lights should be counted the same no matter what orientation they are placed in. Could there be a drop-down menu in the object info palette that allows the user to toggle between which 3D symbol to use with a particular instance of a 2D/3D hybrid?
  2. I have a curved lighting position that is set at an angle. The ends of the arc are at 13'-3.5" above the stage, but the center of the arc is at 14'-4.5". I was able to create a hybrid symbol that shows the geometry of the position, but when I put lighting instruments on them they do not hang on the pipe. Is there a way to create a Lighting Position that the Instrument symbols will know to follow the angled slope and adjust their Z height accordingly? Small Stage.vwx


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