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  1. Hi there, having a strange issue when trying to extrude text. I've always converted to poly line then extruded with no issue but now it's stopped working and creates unusable shapes. When zooming in on some letters it's a really jagged line and even simple square letters do not convert to anything usable. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Nick
  2. Thanks, the spec is for the 2018 version on my newer iMac..hoping there's a solution! Maybe the upgrade to Mojave has done something as it's recently that I've both upgraded and had this issue.
  3. Hi there, I've had a bit of an odd issue start and hoping someone may know how to solve it. When more than one file is open in Vectorworks, I'm unable to move an object snapping to an angle, so I can't move an object horizontally whilst snapping to the horizon for example. It's the same when drawing line, it's unable to snap to any angle, so impossible to draw lines as intended and obviously when trying to draw accurately it's not possible to use. All the snap selections are selected as usual and I've not changed any settings. When one file is open that will work fine, but a second file (even a new file) it doesn't work. If any object, even a simple square is copied from the second file into the first then the first file also has the same issue until that object is deleted and the second file closed. Sometimes but not always I've noticed when bringing the issue into the first main file, if hovering over an unselected larger polygon, the orange selection colour (around the outside of the shape) flickers like crazy when you move the mouse over the top of it. Whereas normally it just goes orange when the mouse it hovered over the top. TO ADD: when line tool is selected and trying to enter a line at 45 degrees at 1000mm long, when this is typed in, it will just create a line based on where the mouse point is rather than to any of the dimensions entered. And if trying to create a square and entering the specific dimensions, it will simply create the square based on where the mouse is on screen. It's definitely not related to one specific file, but seems to just happen now as soon as more than one file is open. I work on plans in one file then model up in a separate file which means it's impossible to move objects accurately at the moment so I can't work properly. Any help would be massively appreciated! Thanks. (This is on an iMac 21.5 Inch Retina/ 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5/ 8GB RAM running MacOS Mojave)
  4. Hi all I seem to have a reoccurring issue when rendering fast RW / FQRW that it just shows as white and completes after 1 second - If I switch to Open GL or wireframe etc it show the view fine but I have to restart if I want to render properly. It usually happens after I've made a few changes to the drawing which made me wonder it was a memory/speed issue, when restarting the programme it seems to work fine again until some sort of 'event' then I need to restart again. It's a 92MB file of a shop interior so has rails and furniture but nothing hugely complicated. Another similar issue is I often find the cache saves the view when rendering even when adding in objects or making changes - again, restarting always solves this. I find I need to restart about once every 10 minutes which feels really often. I'm on a one week old new iMac, 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5 / 8GB 2400Mhz RAM / Radeon Pro 560 4096MB that I bought specifically to use Vectorworks 2017 on so I was hoping I wouldn't have issues with rendering or memory, there is very little open or even installed on this new computer. It has a fusion drive (combination SSD) which was supposed to help speed up using programmes. Do you think this is a Vectorworks issue or a computer/memory issue? Does the computer specification above seem OK to everyone? Some of the models are things I've drawn and a few downloaded from 3D libraries, so I'm not sure if something over complicated is taking up valuable memory. I'd appreciate any tips or suggestions, Thanks, Nick
  5. Thanks for the help guys. And Luis, I need to learn your vectorworks tricks! Those views are way better than what I can achieve... I'm only really starting out using render works so hoping to do some tutorials, my modelling and lighting understanding is pretty basic but will look into your descriptions of what you did to my model and see what I can pick up... Thanks again, Nick
  6. Kevin thanks a lot for that. The coat hanger was actually from an imported DWG, I didn't even think something so small would be slowing it down! I've amended it to something much simpler now and it renders fine, I'm on a 2015 laptop and I've definitely found 2017 a bit slower than my VW 2014 copy. I don't suppose there's a function that identifies overly complex objects within models? Or areas that are especially slowing down renders..? Anyway, thanks again and the FQRW feed is really helpful too! Nick
  7. Hi Selin Thanks so much, see attached file. When I do a FQRW it's just black now, but it looks fine in all other views so I can't see what's causing it. Would be great if you can see what the issue might be, Thanks Nick Store_concept_drawing.vwx
  8. Hi there, I'm struggling moving over to Vectoworks 2017 rendering. See screen shots attached. I constantly have the issue of black smears and marks appearing in or dominating my final quality renders. They are not visible in any other views or in the drawing. You can see the screenshots attached of the same view in open GL, fast render works and final quality renderworks. I'm on a trial of the software wondering if I should upgrade from 2014 and so far not confident if the cost is worth it. If anyone can shed any light on what this might be that would be really helpful, thank you, Nick
  9. Hi there, I needed to post as my favourite function, the Align/Distribute function (command = shortcut or also found under Modify > Align menu) just seems to have stopped working for the past month or so. I'm having no other vectorworks issues, the software's working fine. I used to use the shortcut all the time but now I get no reaction when pressing the shortcut or going and selecting the option from the menu, no errors or other messages at all. I find it so useful when aligning groups or objects or distributing items evenly into a space so I'm finding it really confusing why it's just stopped working. I'm using Vectorworks 2014, any help appreciated! Thanks Nick


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