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  1. thanks to your lesson Bryan, yes I use the irrigation tool set. however, i have one recurring problem: viz sometimes the "autoconnect" tool does not work. What gives? it drives me nuts. i've reviewed class settings, availability, class options... (all good). i discovered not to have two irrigation layers, because that seems to confuse VW. and, of course, i do select the autoconnect option when i want to attach a valve, a mainline, P.O.C., etc. and yes, it highlights the object i want to connect to. but right now, nothing lights up, other than the Object Info palette telling me the object is not connected.
  2. Since day one I've developed my own "workaround" with irrigation. (I date back to Mac OS 9c; yeah, I know, prehistoric). I'm still not satisfied with what s in the program. then again, maybe I'm missing something. So, I'm interested!
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