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  1. You were right, my spaces didn't have room numbers. After assigning room numbers, separate sheets are being created from the script. I'm getting closer to the goal! I wish I understood this whole marionette business better...i definitely need to watch some tutorials. It doesn't help that I also don't know anything about scripting.


    I'm still unable to correctly control layer visibility in the 1:50 viewport. When I uncheck "show all layers", it still turns on multiple layers (just not all of them). How do I make sure only the layer that the space belongs to is visible in the viewport?


    Also, would this marionette work equally well with Detail Viewports? Could it be configured so that the bounding box was turned into a Detail Callout Marker? If that could be achieved, this marionette would be perfect for generating Enlarged Plans.

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  2. Hi Dom,

    I tried this out on one of my files, and changed the criteria of the first node accordingly. When I run the script, ALL the viewports of the spaces show up on a single sheet layer, stacked on to of each other, instead of being distributed among multiple sheets. Also, ALL the design layers are on in all the space viewports. For the overall plan (reference) viewport, the correct design layer (only) is displayed. Any clue what's going on?


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