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  1. Has anyone else experienced a failure to export solids as ACIS objects either using the Export As... Export SAT or Export As... DXF? I have a rather time critical model which exported fine in VW2008, but fails by all methods in 2009. A DWG export is read by ACAD, but then exports incorrectly from there. Simple objects seem OK, but once I subtract or add solids, nothing goes across, even the simplest extrudes.
  2. Nothing. But I guess it would help if I would scroll down the Obj. Info window to the text size fields. Sorry for the false alarm...I just ASSUMED that the text was controlled by the font menu settings. [ 09-26-2003, 12:26 PM: Message edited by: grandcasita ]
  3. When using the space planning tool, I cannot change the font size on the labels on the resulting spaces (resulting from "make spaces from walls...")
  4. Wow, wins by 1 second...on a 400MHz faster processor. I would like to see a test at comparable CPU speed. It is good to know that the dual 1GHz I was looking would work about as well as thelower priced, solo 1 GHz.
  5. 2 bits depth describes black and white...if you leave it at 8 bits, you get 256 colors (my math might be rusty,) so if you use black and white only, change to 2 bits to save a good deal of space. If you play with scanner settings, you can check your savings pretty quickly; just toggle the depth settings. (on many packages).
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