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    VW2017 Educational Version v New MacBook Pro OS Sierra

    thanks for scale check - I will check other documents for this too. Any thoughts about why the class settings don't seem to take?
  2. Vives Eaux

    VW2017 Educational Version v New MacBook Pro OS Sierra

    Hi Jim, thanks for getting back to me. The problem happens on newly created files or pre-existing ones. I am using both. The sample I've uploaded is a new file to test Classes for the lines drawn and also one additional layer. Pre-existing VW files (created on 2016 edition) open well but same problem happens with class and lines. Test example for VW Forum Class and Layers.vwx
  3. I have two major problems with VW 2017 and my new MacBook Pro concerning Layers and Classes. I use VectorWorks 2017 Educational Version SP2 (Build 338823) on my New Mac Book Pro (touch bar) OS Sierra 10.12.3 - Layers and Classes settings appear to be accepted by do not actually function. Layers can be made but not allow 'greyed others' to be viewed which means they are redundant for my work. Classes: settings can be set up and shows in the Object Info. palette the settings do not actually take effect making the facility ineffective. This is causing havoc for me as student of architectural design and making it near to impossible to use VectorWorks. From investigations with others using previous MacOS (El Capitan or Yosemite) on older MacBook Pros the VW 2017 software works fine. It seems to be the combination of New MacBook Pro (touch bar) OS Sierra plus VectorWorks 2017 that is compromised. Apple advised that only VW can resolve the problem. I have been advised by other VW users that there is a clash between VW2017 and my new MacBook Pro and OS Sierra - is there a bug fix for this please? Urgently needed! Please help. With thanks.


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