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  1. Hi Markus, thanks for your answer. I tried it and it works. I did this before, too, but I seems I made a mistake and "multiply" affected "Volume" and "Area". I didn't use a "ordered list" and this makes the whole network a bit unpredictable. So thanks again!
  2. This is in addition to my first post. It is just illustrate what I meant. The inputs are ok, the output in the base quantities is wrong for "width" and "high"t. In BIMCollab Zoom the values are wrong, too. IFC_Units.vwx
  3. Create a cube, use marionette for mapping Ifc Pset Values, use "Width", "Height", "Volume" and "GrossFootprintArea", use node "Volume", "Get Area", "Get Width", "Get Height" and execute. My file is created in meters. Look at the values, volume and area in m2 and m3 and is correct. Width and height is in millimeters. Why? Thanks for answers and help! Kind regards Frank IFC_Units.vwx


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