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  1. I've had this problem several times. I do not remember the exact conditions, maybe it was while editing a group. I thought that pressing some combination of keys by mistake had changed the preferences, but couln't find a solution. It went away by itself each time. MacPro, 10.5.3 VW2008 Designer SP2
  2. When VW12.5 is open together with iTunes, the ventilation system goes into overdrive and noise from the fans becomes too much.
  3. benchemoul


    Hi, VW12 crashes when I try to Final Quality render this 10Meg file. It was created in 12 and worked fine before.I purged everything unused, checked fonts size, saved under different name, deleted some layers and classes... I have the computer crash report if anyone understands it. Is this a bug or did I do something wrong?
  4. Thank you. I'll check with the sender
  5. The file is .dwg. The message I get is: OpenDWG Library Error 182
  6. Katie, sorry for the delay answering. The program is in english with a dongle. ??
  7. Hi Kathy, I bought it in Israel, so I suppose it is non US
  8. G4 dual 867MHZ, 1GB, MacOs 10.2.8, VW 10.5.0 When I try to import DXF/DWG, I get this message: Could not open the OpenDWG Initialization file, "adinit.dat". Please reinstall Vectorworks. I reinstalled but still get the same message. What can I do to correct this problem? Thanks anyone
  9. Mac G4 2x1MB, 1GA Ram, Sys 10.28 I cannot print from VW10.5 to Epson color 3000 driver 1.7. I have to do it from Preview or go back to MacOs 9.22. Is there anything that I should do to resolve the problem?
  10. Mac G4 2x1MB, !GA Ram, Sys 10.28 I cannot print from VW10.5 to Epson color 3000. I have to do it from Preview or go back to MacOs 9.22. Is there anything that I should do to resolve the problem?
  11. Thanks for your reply, Katie. I went to the local dealer and had the dongle fixed: RW is now recognized. But now the problem is the conflict with Microspot usb dongle. I wrote to Microspot support, and this is their answer: "We are aware of that problem and it has been reported to developers of VectorWorks. As it is their bug, they hope to have a fix soon". I am going nuts! First I can't save, then I can't render and now I can't print. Do you know of any progress or solution to this dongle conflict?
  12. Mac G4 (PCI graphics), 450Mhz/256MB, Sys 8.6, Microspot dongle. I had problems installing VW 9.5.1 from a CD (series B): Upgraded Carbon Lib to 1.5, and OpenGL to 1.2.1, easy-installed VW 9.5.1. Upon restart, the computer froze, wouldn?t restart even with Extensions off. There is one conflict between the computer and OpenGL 1.2.1, and another one between the dongles. Did a clean install of Sys 8.6 (Carbon Lib 1.2.5, OpenGl 1.0), deleted VW 9.0.1, re-installed 9.5.1 and it opened in DemoMode. Changed the MacHasp Dongle For the newer Hasp and its driver, but nothing improved. After a lot of frustation, I re-installed VW 9.0.1 + RW. When I start the computer, VW opens in DemoMode but I can see the serials numbers of VW and RW. I re-install the Hasp driver and VW works normally but RW disappears: it doesn?t say that RW is installed, I can?t add its serial number and its menu under render options is grayed. What happened? I need to get back to work!


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