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  1. Anyone know why a VW window element might refuse to bind/join to the wall object its supposed to be in? They're both on the same elevation/layer. Is there a checkbox I'm missing in my settings because other people are not having this issue with the same objects in the same file. (its a project file) Thanks!
  2. Blars

    Window / doors wont bind to wall object

    EUREKA! I knew it was something like that I was missing! Thanks!
  3. Blars

    Window / doors wont bind to wall object

    Update to the info previously sent. I'm on: macOS 10.13.6 VW 2018
  4. VW. is somehow displaying an arrow at the midpoint of lines/plines that I draw. They're only visible when I select the line. I dont know how this feature was turned on, but I want it turned off. Where can i find it? Thanks!
  5. Blars


    How can I override the "not editable" cells in a worksheet to be editable? I dont want the fields to be tied to an object any longer. I want them to be "dumb." Thanks!
  6. Blars

    Space Tag Scaling

    Is there a way to make a single space tag in the model layers scale to multiple different viewport scales on the sheet layers? I must be missing a checkbox somewhere in the properties... Seems like this should be automatic without creating multiple space tags at for each scale used in the viewports. Thanks!
  7. Blars

    Tool Set Customization

    How do I remove a built in VW tool from a Tool Set? I'm having major issues with people using the "I-Beam" tool thinking they're using a Wide Flange. An I-Beam is an antiquated structural member that isnt even manufactured anymore. It has absolutely zero practiacal use unless youre a historian documenting structures... Why is this even in a Tool Set? It has no use and I'm so so so tired of telling people not to use them and they still do. I want to delete the tool. How do I do it? Thanks.
  8. Blars

    Tool Set Customization

    THANKS! It worked! Pop, pop, fiz, fiz... OH what a relief it is!
  9. Blars

    Creating Hatches in 2017

    I just started using tiles instead of hatches for these.
  10. Blars

    Creating Hatches in 2017

    Does VW offer a way to create a hatch of say standard running bond brick that also shows the mortar joint width? I dont want to use a "tile" to create this as i want it to be line work and not a graphic representation of linework. ... (hatching by using "tiles" is pretty awful, btw.) Another question is why oh why is the hatch creation tool in the resource manager so archaic? Why cant i just draw what i want the hatch to look like in that window? Why am i restrained so extensively by being forced to use the convoluted hatch creation "tool?" I feel like im trying to perform a complicated surgery with a baseball bat. Thanks for your help / listening to my rant.
  11. Blars

    Space Tag Scaling

    Thanks, but that seems like a complicated work around? I'd have to know in advance what scales I'm using on a project by project basis which isnt very practical as they change each time. (Unless I want to remake the Space Tag symbol every job.) It should be called Vector(doesnt)works.
  12. Blars

    Door ID Tag Text Size

    Thats all fine and dandy... but this problem still exists in 2018... what do you do when the door ID tag appears in multiple scales? For example, design layers are scaled at 1/16", enlarged plans are scaled at 1/8" and 3/16". How does VW accommodate multiple scales for door and window ID tags? (and why isnt this automatic yet?) Do we really have to paste our own tags over what VW seems incapable of handling?
  13. Blars

    Space Tag Scaling

    This question also applies to Door and Window Tags. When the Text Scale is used in the viewports advanced properties to adjust the size of the space tags, it ALSO adjusts the text scale of door and window tags that were at the correct scale... Now I have to work backwards and double the size of my door ID's? Why cant VW just work properly?
  14. Blars

    Door & Windows Tag Visibility

    I am having a problem with window tags being visible in my 2D building elevations. The sides of the building show the window tags as lines held off of the building wall (probably because of the window sill extension/drip) Is there a way to turn off window and door tags when the window is not seen in the elevation? Thanks
  15. Blars


    Nothing works better than a picture... This is what Architectural fractions should look like. Both column A (diagonal) and B (vertical) are acceptable Stacked fractions. Column A is my preference, however that is certainly not the case for everyone. Vectorworks should recognize that when we type "AA/BB" it should automatically stack according to a preference setting in the program regardless of the values used for 'AA' and 'BB.' ... If i want to type 32/16, for example, VW should keep my input and not reduce it to 2. Or if I have completely lost my marbles and want to use letters in a fraction, VW should assume I know what Im doing and accept it. (or at least have a way to edit the fraction once its created) The VW Preference setting might look something like this... [] Stack Fractions - Diagonally (this is the column A option) - Vertically (this is the column B option) If you check the parent setting "Stack Fractions" then VW will stack them according to your next child setting "diagonally" (or) "vertically." VW automatically does this in its Dimensions... why cant it do it in regular text? Typing 3 1/2" and not seeing VW recognize it / convert it... Well its just one little straw on the camels back from another one of VW's half followed through functions.
  16. Is there a way to automatically update viewports without having to tell VW every single time to update each viewport? Its a bit ridiculous to not have this happen automatically. If i change something as simple as a visibility within a sheet layer and switch it back, VW tells me that every single view now needs to be updated with its "candy cane" boarder. Just FYI, the visibility that was changed has nothing on it and should not affect the viewport anyways. Thanks.
  17. Blars

    Automatic Viewport Update

    I'm honestly not following what youve described. I'm not worried about visibility changes. only object and component changes. ie... if I move a stair, door, window, wall, etc. in the model layers, then go click on the sheet layer, (or already have that window open in 2018) I shouldnt have to click on an "update" button. It should automatically update. I dont need VW to update every single viewport that exists in the drawing file. Only the ones on a sheet layer that becomes active. Its crazy to have to update each view in the Object Info palette each time every little change is made. It becomes a cyclopian annoyance and waste of time. Extra work to accomplish this shouldn't be necessary. VW should just do it as part of its base program as any quality Architectural software should. period. I suppose this goes on the Perpetual Wish List page...
  18. How can i "PRINT" a select poriton of a drawing by defining a window? Is there a way through the print dialogue box? If not, this should really be an option.
  19. Blars

    Angle Snap problems

    So, 5 minutes ago (for no apparent reason) VW2017 simply stopped allowing its polar snap function to use arbitrary angles between those listed in the "Angles From Axes:" dialog for Smart Cursor Settings. I did nothing to provoke this behavior. Not even my usual profane name calling or angry glaring contests directed at VW. After being nice and giving VW a small rest by restarting it and going for some coffee, I returned to find no change in its denial of the existence of angles other than 30 and 45 and 90. Now, instead of letting me use a nice unconstrained angles in my designs, i can use ONLY those listed. This is a problem in every single file i open. I can turn off the angle snap to use any angle, but, get this... only if Im drawing using poly lines. (Regular single lines are still limited to the angles even when angle snap is off.) I have to turn Angle Snap on each time i have to draw a vertical or horizontal line and turn it off when i want an arbitrary angle. I'm not sure why these things happen to me. Other people in the office dont have this problem. Their Angle Snap can use both arbitrary AND listed snap rotations. Am i perhaps not firm enough? If you believe I'm being soft... Please tell me where to kick VW (specifically which part) so it will stop being stupid. Thanks so much,
  20. Blars

    Angle Snap problems

    yes. it was the "constrained" button (far left plus sign) that became activated for no reason. (why does VW do that?) Clicked "Unconstrained" button next to that (slash mark) and its back to normal operation. That was a bit frustrating to deal with, but on the positive side, i use polylines way more now. Thanks!
  21. Blars

    Arrows on every line

    This started happening for me as well in VW 2017. Turns out a simple button got clicked or activated by quick key inadvertently. Deiter was right but ill include a graphic of the attributes pallet that i hope helps. When in the attributes pallet there are a few buttons that control arrows from either the start of the line or the end of the line. click these to toggle the arrows. (clouded in red) To change the style of the arrow, use the drop down buttons to the outside of each of the red clouded buttons mentioned before. These will switch the style of the arrow at that respective line start or end. Hope this helps.
  22. Yes. I had a situation with multiple people working on a project from different files and it got very confusing which file contained which sheet. I was hoping to just take a sheet with all its viewports and annotations and somehow slip it into another file just to organize the mess a bit. All of the linework on classes and layers was the same... i just wanted to move the sheet rather than recreate it. But... life's not easy. maybe in 2018? Thanks.
  23. I need to move sheet layers from one .vwx file to another. Is this possible? Thanks,
  24. Blars

    Selecting Objects

    I agree that the SELECT tool should "RESHAPE" as a default. I found a way to solve this by remapping your quick key for the RESHAPE tool in place off the Select tool. So if SELECT was "S" and RESHAPE was "Shift+S", flip the quick keys and set "S" to RESHAPE and set "Shift+S" to Select. (or just drop the "Shift+S" for SELECT because RESHAPE will still select objects of any type.)
  25. I also have this request. Has anyone found a way to change the dimensions tick marks? Seems to be a pretty basic function for a drawing program to have... Thanks!


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