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  1. Does anybody know if there is a way to select an object and be able to directly go to the edit class function for the class on which the object resides? For me this would save ALOT of time in setting up and customizing classes based upon how the design proceeds. Currently I select the object, right click to make the classes item the active class, go to the class on the navigation pallette, scroll till I find the active class, right click, then edit..... ugh. Tedious. OR, I type in the class in the filter. Which I might add, is my favorite new feature of the last 5 years (but, still requires extra steps compared to a hypothetical right click feature) If anybody has a better way, please let me know. Jerry
  2. Ok, great. I think I understand better. I will give this a shot. Thank you! Jerry
  3. Thanks Allen and Miguel. I appreciate the responses! Miguel, conceptually, I think I understand what you are suggesting. In terms of a work flow or process, I am a bit confused. Do you create the roadway, update the DTM, then trace over the length of the parts using a 3d poly, cut then paste the 3d polys into the existing data of the DTM, update the model, delete the original roadway? Thanks, Jerry
  4. I am trying to create a DTM using a combination of survey and google earth data, and using tools such as the roadway (poly) to help carve and add detail into the DTM. This has all worked pretty well, except that in my siteplan it is now showing the contours in the location of the roadway as being modified per the proposed. In this project, all roads are existing, and I need them to read as such in the site plan. How do I designate that the site modifiers from the roadway are part of the existing line-work from the DTM? Thanks, Jerry


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