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  1. Trying to recall, but I think you can use the floating data bar to be pretty precise with Deform.
  2. well, you could use class ver rides in SLVPs, or make a Hybrid symbol with the docttedlines in the 2D plan view.
  3. Also Sweep its a 90° degree angle
  4. I would say the quickest and easiest way would be subdivision modeling. Depending on what you need in the esn, place some 3D Loci Objkects and connect using the 3D Polygon tool to make each face.
  5. Setting the Z of a 2D object in the oIP would be a useful VE, IMHO
  6. Which Metric/Imperial info? Stand heights?
  7. are you a VSS subscriber? Is the animation too large to render in one job?
  8. File>Export>Export Panorama
  9. at this pic nt, I think you're correct. That's why I suggest a VE. In the meantime, the other apps allow dims to be entered, MagicPlan can bluetooth to SOME lasers. In turn you can draw walls, correct the length with the laser and export a file to import/trace in VWX.
  10. I would put in a VE for more features. I don't recall the full capabilities of Nomad Measure, but https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/measure-in-ar/?app=IOS_NOMAD Look at FloorPlanner and MagicPlan to add to your arsenal.
  11. To clarify. I'm guessing, we're all guessing, at the final results desired. it looks to me like a series of flat panels. I agree that sarong with a 2D rectangle/polys gives the base layout. I think the desired results are flat planes of sheet metal or some other thin material. I m unclear as to whether the gaps are wanted. Once the points re determined in 3D space, I would use the 3D Polygon tool to make the polys and then the Shell Solid tool to get the thickness. If the gaps are desired, that's probably it. It these 3D objects need to mitre, some fussing will be required.
  12. Are the Gaps intentional? I would use 3D Locus objects and 3D Ploygons
  13. or the curved wall tool. Not sure what the end result is to be. The wall tools, with appropriate settings, can also give you platforms.
  14. I'm still a little unclear, but wouldn't this be easier in 3D?
  15. You kind of do need a bluetooth connection. The iOS Measure app is weak. MagicPlan can be a PITA without a connection to a laser. Floorplanner looks kind if cool, but all imperfect. I think measure and survey deserve a VE for VCS.
  16. I don't see this issue. UV is on by default, and stays on for me, unless I open a very old file.
  17. hmmm, I know I've had the same frustration in other programs. Nor sure about AI or CC in general.
  18. Reach out to them, OZcad is very responsive and perhaps there is a 2020 version, ie maybe the 2019 version will work. I love AnimationWorks, BUT if you're after something articulated, like a dancer AnimationWorks cannot create that type of movement. You could get an object to track through.
  19. There is a somewhat older Escalator tool in the Architect toolset. Not sure if it's included with Spotlight.


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