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  1. http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FWalls%2FFitting_walls_to_defined_geometry.htm&rhsearch=fit walls to objects&rhhlterm=fit walls to objects&rhsyns=
  2. No NURBS. I'm calling the top the ceiling. I might be wrong, but it has the arches. Put that on a layer above the walls. Dra the walls, select the walls, and use the command
  3. explain how? The ceiling, assuming that's what you're fitting to, has to be on another design layer.
  4. I just deleted the components of your walls and that got me released from the bounding. I have simple walls. If you want/need the components, add them back but base them on the wall height not the layer or the story.
  5. I might have made many of those sold subtractions into simple extrudes. Maybe then repeating Symbols
  6. Bounded Wall Styles are difficult to work around. Generally, I DO NOT use the VWX Wall Styles, When needed, I make my own. It seems that once one is introduced into a drawing, I think I have to start VWX to clear the bounding. I should have looked at the Class List.
  7. I use Wordpress. In general, you'll likely have to show JPEGs, maybe PDF files and send VWX on request.
  8. Wall thickness can be anything you like. Height can be set in a number of ways. Looks like the "Fit Walls to Objects Command is your friend here. Not sure how much this helps...
  9. It's all a little hard to decipher, but ignore stories, just use design layers. I might, at least for now, class the floor and ceiling differently, OR put them on different design layers.
  10. I would start with a 2D plan using add/clip surface. Probably add an array of Loci for the points on the ground and the top of the tent poles. Convert the 2D Plan or an extrusion to a Subdivision Object. Trace the plan you have You have t experiment a bit with the Iterations to get what you want. NOTE: you'll only need an extrusion if you want the tent material to have thickness. Then it's a matter of push/pull in subdivision.
  11. Extrude Along path uses the center of the object. I usually draw the 9th and then offset by the width divided by two. Or the Moulding PIO.
  12. agree about Savvy Linesets. THE solution.
  13. solid ball and solid white, line weight would have to be a consideration.
  14. I'm wondering why either through the component definition or a Class override for a SLVP that can't be graphically clear? I'm guessing you have (essentially) a study wall with gyp board on both side. I'm further guessing that each side is a different type of gyp board. So, could one have a hatch, and one a white fill? Could they have colored fills?
  15. I don't think there is a way to create this automatically, that might be VE, but in show business, most typically with lighting gear we make a key or a legend to show each graphic that represents a different kind of light, and then a text descriptor. This is particularly important, and relates to the issue you describe. Many body shapes of gear are similar, BUT the different lights might have different focal lengths illustrated within the body shape. Make sense?
  16. that's quite the typo, even for me. I exported to PSD and PDF from the SL, and saw a color shift. apologies.
  17. I just tested a random render in a SLVP and saw a color shift topSD and PDF.
  18. I sell sizzle as well. What you want might be in the texture definitions. Did you report as CMYK?
  19. it's not gone, it's just not considered best practice, but rankly I', not alone and rendering on DLs to preview progress.. I also very seldom anymore take my rendering through photoshop for proper results. Can you show what the problem might be?
  20. I think previously I saw an issue with the appearance of a Redner on a Design Layer and one rendered on a Sheet layer. Where are you rendering? I do think that issue has been resolved.
  21. what version are you using. I think I've seen this and I think it was resolved.


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