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  1. I'm unclear not he desired result, but the Profile may want to be rotated 90° in space?
  2. This is OpenGL? The reflections are the light gray squares? The circles are doodle to direct the eye towards the squares? What is the ceiling?
  3. GPU helps with Vision, not Renderworks.
  4. I'll see if I can dig up a render.
  5. I’VE ADDED ‘FROSTED PLEXI’ PANELS IN FROM OF A VIDEO WALL OBJECT IN VECTORWORKS. IT DOES ADD render time, but worth it for the look. Class the objects for testing and turning on and off as needed. sorry about the shouting there.
  6. I tend to prefer Panorama over web view, but I process using VSS and then share links... I see other good advice above in terms of perspective views and setting up the export.
  7. Can you post the link to the Web View?
  8. I would suggest that the default action would be for the prefs to save the settings, or at least have a pop-up ask me if I want to save the settings.
  9. I see this as a bug or a VE. The program identifies me in a user folder, so I assume, and I haven't dug into this, but if I ave settings "My Default," and I send a file to u=you and and you have used the same name, I would like the program to send that information to you as "My Default-Kevin Allen."
  10. Those settings should be document specific. If you’ve opened his doc, they should be available.
  11. @MartinFahrer I have seen a program where there is relief for the immediate future, contact VWX directly.
  12. Lighting and texture creation will be key to whatever you do and wherever you render. If you have some familiarity with renderworks and clearly have the program, part there. I might suggest rather than try to render an entire project, start with simple forms, build textures, render those, see what works, then you can also ask specific question her "How do I make the XX better?" Same with lighting, the fewer the lights, the better for speed no matter the application. Frankly, a lot can be done with the proper lights properly placed. Avoid the point light. Look at Renderworks Styles, with and without HDRI illumination, you do not need to start with high quality or FQR. go for speed, test and repeat. I;'m a Mac user, so I can't speak to mum ion, but Twinmotion requires a lot of computing power. It deliver magnificent work.Moving back and forth between VWX and C4D can be a bit tedious in the early design stages, but you can also use C4D to create textures for VWX.
  13. What are you NOT achieving using Renderworks? I also like C4D, but I firmly believe there's a lot you can achieve within the VWX ecosystem
  14. That preview would help, and I imagine there are other dialogs that could benefit from the same programming.
  15. Do you mean in the Modify>Rotate>Rotate 3D dialog?
  16. Is Cast Shadows checked on the texture definition.
  17. The NYC UG is looking to establish this type of sharing. FWIW, I don't think VWX can officially sanction this kind of sharing, there are likely liability issues.
  18. another enhancement might be a scaling tool, like move or rotate 3D.
  19. I don't think you can without doing the math. The scale to dimension sion is only symmetrical. That might be an enhancement request. It's something I often want. So, you could figure out the exact proportion, but you have to manually so the math. Depending on how the steps are built, you could use the selection tool in the interactive scaling modes and snap to another 2D object that you've placed just to get the snapping points. Does that make sense?
  20. Assuming the steps are not a symbol, go to the top/plan, top or another orthogonal view and use Modify>Scale and Scale Asymmetrically.
  21. should be plenty. do you have depth of field activated in some of the cameras and not in others?
  22. The only explanation I can think of is that the drone images do not have the resolution required for the results you are seeking. I don't know the app you're suing to scale them, but Photoshop might do a better job. Scaling up is imperfect.
  23. now the sis a photoshop question. Maybe you can attach the image? When I do this kind of thing, I find or take a decent size photo. It's likely going to need to be a very wide image/crop. It's also possible to build such an image. Then, assuming you have a 1 level room,, the height of the image and round wall needs to be about 3x, and the width is the interior circumference. Can you show us what you want to see out the window?
  24. once you have the image sized in PSD or similar, use it to create a texture.


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