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  1. Similarly, there should be a way to add various mouldings.
  2. So, have you incorporated additional 2D Views into your lighting device symbols?
  3. As IO recall, the higher the number, the closer to the original object, I think you have a choice of 1-5 and it defaults to three.If you're tracing an in k drawing, going higher will get every bump or bleed int he image, adding lots, perhaps too much detail. It's pretty fast and then easy enough to quickly experiment. The AI trice function is better, but you then have to export to DXF, use Select Connected Objects and Combine into a new surface.
  4. Ai and VWX both have Trace Bitmap functions.
  5. you might need the right or bounces. If I am seeing correctly, you might be expecting the light to travel through the glass like it might in real life, but it won't. At least not with existing tech. I Sometimes extract a 3D poly from those edges and apply a glow texture.
  6. File>Document Settings>?Document Preferences and then check Show Cropped Perspective will fix in VWX, not sure then about export to C4D
  7. Maybe change to a middle gray solid color?
  8. Or trace and remodel. Or save as a symbol and add 2D components.
  9. In the OPIP, with the door selected, go to settings and then classes and use a class to add the texture.
  10. And this has to be a part of a presentation?
  11. I'm a little unclear on this capability. Can I create panoramas of two different, adjacent rooms and then click from one room into another?
  12. So, as I read this you want different types of hoists to be collected as long as they are over 1000 lbs. As opposed to selecting just a specific type of hoist? I don't have the answer, but this seems a reasonable VE If not possible.
  13. Kevin Allen

    VW 3-D

    Risking shameless self promotion... https://routledgetextbooks.com/textbooks/9780415726139/
  14. I'm unclear not he desired result, but the Profile may want to be rotated 90° in space?
  15. This is OpenGL? The reflections are the light gray squares? The circles are doodle to direct the eye towards the squares? What is the ceiling?
  16. GPU helps with Vision, not Renderworks.
  17. I'll see if I can dig up a render.
  18. I’VE ADDED ‘FROSTED PLEXI’ PANELS IN FROM OF A VIDEO WALL OBJECT IN VECTORWORKS. IT DOES ADD render time, but worth it for the look. Class the objects for testing and turning on and off as needed. sorry about the shouting there.
  19. I tend to prefer Panorama over web view, but I process using VSS and then share links... I see other good advice above in terms of perspective views and setting up the export.
  20. Can you post the link to the Web View?


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