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  1. So, I would Draw the triangle in plan, go to Modify>Convert>Convert to Subdivision. Start buy setting the subdivision iteration to a low number, like 0 in the ensuing dialog. Change to a front or side view. Select the edit subdivision tool in the 3D modeling toolset, first mode or operation (transform), select one corner. Hover over the dragger until eh Z axis turns yellow and drag up. Tab into the floating data bar and set a height. Remember, the triangle is the ground, so set the heights above the bottom for the heights from the low point of the swoop. Then I would raise the the thing. Alternately, you can raise the flat surface first. Changing views helps, working in OpenGL may help. Select the Split mode of the Edit Subdivision tool and select an edge. drag towards the center. Do the same with another edge. Use the transform mode to select the new center point. use the dragger to have the surface bow down in the middle. By default, the dragger is constrained to XYZ movement, although you can rotate those axis. For what you want, I don't think you want or need to do that. It's tricky at first, but once you get it, it all makes sense.
  2. or convert the triangle to NURBS, the old skol way
  3. I don't believe so, but it would be useful
  4. The Callout tool could use some love, but the Reconcile Notes Command helps IF everyone is properly using the database.
  5. I'm not sure you can reconcile notes as you suggest. Organizing a team is always a challenge. There need to be some rules about how and where notes are added to the database. On a recent project we saw duplication of notes and inconsistent use, so training is needed. One other issue I've seen is a Mac/PC thing with Dropbox. The Notes tool would 'lose' the link tot he database and s=need to have that link reset when a user switched platforms.
  6. if it's a VWX Notes database, store in the Workgroup folder or on a dropbox.
  7. I should think this would be easy enough with the LED tools. Best NOT to use Simple 3D.
  8. You might also consider AnimationWorks PIO.
  9. Sounds like a challenge. With a spotlight lighting device, I use the Spotlight preferences to adjust the color of the lens in Spotlight preferences, bu class and use the color field. I would think I could manipulate another type of symbol in the same way. The figures would have to be converted to lighting devices.
  10. Can't you simply change the Jamb Class in the Settings?
  11. Sounds like an excellent idea. I know custom truss can be created by defining a section. Not sure about scaffolding.
  12. Seems like Vision would be your logical choice.
  13. Kevin Allen

    Stage rendering

    Creating excellent textures, good use of lighting for right and shadow. A well built model. The beauty s th emdoel can be shared and turned into working drawings. I go through the entire process in my book. http://routledgetextbooks.com/textbooks/9780415726139/
  14. This option would be very useful, especially if the tool was 'aware' of the related surfaces.
  15. Sadly, I think you must do a little programming to add graphics.
  16. I the class creation dialog, check edit properties after creation and turn on visibilies in the visibilities tab.
  17. I know AnimationWorks and use it. As far as I know it is the only option. great value
  18. AnimationWorks, if it's still supported is terrific! @Julian Carr?


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