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  1. yes. Well, I prefer Panorama view, but...
  2. yes, I was going to suggest NOT offsetting the original. If there are many parts of the project based on the one bit of gpeetry, I would have a layer with different sizes, all drawn, to use as needed.
  3. I saw something from VWX that said it is, but it's a good question. The tool has three modes in the tool bar; box, height and width and Center Mode. I would venture that Center mode would be the most precise.
  4. I think I've read that an oval in VWX is an ellipse. Different drawing modes give different results.
  5. @Jim Wilson I am sad to see you go. You've been a great resource for me and many others.
  6. I would use Subdivision modeling.
  7. Sometime ago, I adapted some scripts so I get email notifications of most every post, or new post. Is that what you'd like?
  8. I've done a very similar thing making the strands of beads as an image prop. IMHO, this is mostly then a Photoshop exercise. It can certainly also be modeled, but the geometry would be considerable
  9. The symbol insertion tool does have insertion options, left, right, center.
  10. Have you selected displacement mapping in your bump definition? You might also want to fillet the edges of the hedges.
  11. Not necessarily easy, but it can be done. The SLD must have a lens object grouped with the body. The Light Info Record must be attached to the group, Sometimes that means un-attaching, editing and reattaching. You'll need a glow texture set to object attributes, and a class for the lens object with the texture assigned in the class. In File>Document Spotlight>Spotlight Preferences look at Lighting Instrument Color set by check Color Field and color field for Pen and Fill Then Modify the geometry in you lens class. Once you set upon a template file and modify your symbols it whoppers by default. The SLD symbol in the libraries pretty much all have lens object grouped wit the body. Other symbols may require the lenses to be modeled.
  12. @klinzey tried that. I think I had to delete the RMCache folder.
  13. without getting into every option, I see the same problem with Chauvet and Tomcat.
  14. @Rob Books I only went to experiment with these because they were mentioned here. I wanted to be sure they were behaving as I expected. Here are a couple of screen shots
  15. @Rob Books I'm seeing them in the VWX lIbrary, BUT when I choose one I get a monstrously complex error message.
  16. If you want to modify the truss, say make it blue, assign a texture in the Truss>Truss Class Definition. FYI, VWX folks, even though I just refreshed my libraries, I'm having difficulty accessing this truss library in the VWX Libraries, Only the VSS libraries
  17. When you insert a truss object with the insert truss tool and choose a symbol from the library, VWX adds several classes. Amongst them are Rigging>Truss>Simplified ad Rigging>Truss>Truss. The simplified class is a really simple box geometry meant for speedy navigation. The Truss geometry is in the Truss>Truss class. Turn that on and turn the Truss>Simplified off.
  18. Well, I don't know where you're looking. If you're simply rendering on a Design Layer you can go to the Navigation palette, Classes tab and turn the class off. Similarly you can go to Tools>Organization and the Classes tab and turn off there. If you're woking in a SLVP, you have to select the SLVP and then click the Classes button in the OIP and turn the class off in there.
  19. your results don't look like your preview. Are you texturing an object above?
  20. What is you increase the number of blades of grass?
  21. Turn off the class rigging-truss-3D-simple I my have the name wrong there, but it's close.
  22. I think I would start by using the Loft with Rail tool to make one, duplicate as needed. Add the surfaces together, then use Shell Solid to get the thickness.
  23. If I understand what you're asking, you need to do and export ESC or MVR with just the objects you want visible.


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