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  1. Does the sidewalk have a solid fill in it's attributes? Is it stacked below the terrain?


    In general, textures do not show in 2D, you can add a hatch to a texture and see that in 2D if you view the 2D in a hidden line view, not wireframe.

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  2. OK, where to begin. The work isn't mine, so I have some speculation here. The work was by a client. I believe he used a stock title block from 2019.


    I did a Save-As and the file name now fits in the boundaries. I did have to 'edit' the title block for the TB to find the change. That seems like a bug, It should know. In any event, the title block has not moved.


    I was just able to edit the title block Layout and move the title block. That fixed the problem. I had tried that previously, but the move did not work.


    In 2019, the placement of the title block geometry no longer as it did before, with he lower right point attaching to the border object?


    I can understand using one Locus, see above, if I want the TB to float away from the border, but I'm not sure why two would be required.


  3. Vision is a stage lighting programming tools. It is another product by Vectorworks.Although you can create stills like those you've shown inVectorworks. You will have to have lens objects in the lighting instruments. Most of the Vectorworks spotlight lighting devices have the geometry, BUT the need to have a class assigned and a glow texture added to the lens.


    In the spotlight preferences, if you check modify by color, AND the glow texture is set to object color, the lens will glow in the color of the Gell assigned to the light.



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  4. I'll usually add in Blur near the end. Once you have some texture definitions you like, this gets easier.


    Create a couple of Renderworks styles, at least one that gives you the final look you want and one that sets everything to low and turns off blur, multiple bounces and the like.


    Create a series of viewports on sheet layers, or saved views with the details you want to explore. K=Just render those smaller and tight views until you have the desired look and feel, then render the final view, first fast, then in your full fledged Renderworks style.


    Once you've set this up, and kept your sales and texture in a template file or a favorited file, the second time will be much faster.



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