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  1. Kevin Allen

    Renderworks & Spotlight - Stumped.

    My book https://www.routledgetextbooks.com/textbooks/9780415726139/ will take you through the process all within VWX. That said, having VWX Vision in your arsenal might help
  2. Kevin Allen


    Where is this function? I think I've seen it demo' but not out in the wild?
  3. Lighting devices are supported in symbols.
  4. Kevin Allen

    Table of Contents

    I create a report based on my title blocks and keep it n my template
  5. Kevin Allen

    Unexpected render issue

    How did you make the extrude?
  6. Kevin Allen

    Hanging scenery

    I would make the scenery a symbol and attach a data record with weight.
  7. Kevin Allen

    Trying to simulate a laser beam

    So a VWX spotlight object with a really super narrow and hard beam with fog doesn't do what you want? Alternately, a custom Spotlight lighting device with a custom gobo?
  8. Well, I would save the original DTM, and you'll need a spare copy of the foundation, I would assume.
  9. Not my specialty, but can't you do a solid subtraction out of the DTM?
  10. Kevin Allen

    Title Block

    knowing the version of VWX is the first step.
  11. Kevin Allen

    Strange Cones:

    Sam, Go to Preferences>Display and set the Light Objects to never.
  12. Kevin Allen

    Tool Finder Needed / Tool Search

    or just look at the alphabetical list of all tools in the workspace editor?
  13. I've seen this happen. I also wish I could readily open and edit the database. I had, for some time, and XML file and a TXT file
  14. Kevin Allen

    how to create a knife bevel

    It's complex modeling, but I would use Sub-Division. You might able to do it with a series of Solid Subtractions, but it would be a challenge.
  15. Hi Kevin, it looks like you agree, do you mind voting for the idea on the top left?



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