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  1. Kevin Allen

    This kind of transparency

    Why not? Layer transparency.
  2. Not only for landscaping, but improved gradients would be useful.
  3. Kevin Allen

    Modeling a Niemeyer Project (video clip)

  4. Kevin Allen

    Does anyone do freelance work?

    sure, what is the project?
  5. Kevin Allen


    The braces are likely simple extrudes. More complex if you really need the hardware and not just the 'look.' The tent shapes are also really easily done as Sub-Division models.
  6. Kevin Allen

    Symbol Creation

    Has the 2D portion been drawn in the 'screen plane?'
  7. Kevin Allen


    That said, it would be great to have specific manufacturers and rental houses inventory available with associated data records.
  8. Kevin Allen

    Looking for a Specseat Theatre Seat Modelled in 3d

    It would be great for many companies to work with VWX to include their products int he VWX libraries. Content that ships with VWX is much easier to use and to specify. This is product marketing for the manufacturers.
  9. Kevin Allen

    Curving a 3d object

    Try the Deform Tool
  10. So, I think this boils down to two enhancement requests for the publish command. 1. There should a "Batch" option (much like the Batch render command) to simultaneously publish several different sets. This milky means another pane in the Publish dialog to select 'saved sets' the than just sheets and saved views. 2. When creating a new Sheet Layer or a new Saved View there should be an opportunity to add those sheets/views to saved publication sets. Currently the sets have to all be redefined to add content. This would be similar to creating new design layers or classes and adding to (or excluding from) exiting SLVPs. This new functionality should also be accessible via the Organization dialog? Do these need to be two different enhancement requests?
  11. Well, couldn't you do this with saved sets and a batch publish ability?
  12. Kevin Allen

    Set defalut grey level

    Well, it is a little unclear where you want the grey?
  13. Kevin Allen

    Set defalut grey level

    Keep that setting in a template document?
  14. Kevin Allen

    cable fence for decking

    I'm also curious about the code comment. I thought I had been able to make this kind of railing?
  15. Kevin Allen

    Photometric Output IES Files

    I agree, that would be awesome!
  16. Kevin Allen

    adjust symbol origin

    I'm not sure how this ouch be done, but it might be very handy if the insertion point could be insertion specific.
  17. Kevin Allen

    HDRI Domes

  18. Kevin Allen

    HDRI Domes

    I tend to use a lower lit fog setting, in the 20% world. When there is too much fog, the light dissipates.
  19. Kevin Allen

    HDRI Domes

    What don't you like about your rendering? I'm not a fan of using the point light for this type of work. A spotlight is more like the actual sun.
  20. Kevin Allen

    HDRI Domes

    The Heliodon is generally for showing time of day and location and show studies. The Vectorworks Light Object, Directional Mode may give you wahat you want, but I prefer the Spotlight option for that tool. Also, the Directional Light does not allow for lit fog.
  21. Kevin Allen

    HDRI Domes

    Yes, you definitely need Lit Fog. That mean turning it on for the 'sun' light and making sure you have fog in the Renderworks Background.
  22. Kevin Allen

    HDRI Domes

    To me the HDRI backgrounds in general provide more ambient than direct lighting. To get the look that you seem to after, I would likely use a number of different elements. A background. Realistic trees, either Image props, VBvisual trees, the foliage tool, or a combination. For the sun, I would insert a disc object with a polished metal texture somewhere int he distance. I would like that with VWX light objects (spotlight) and add a really bright VWX light object (spotlight) to be the source coming from your disc object. Ideally most of the sun (the disc) would be muted by the foliage. If not, I would use Depth of Field and Blume to throw that element out of focus.


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