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  1. Kevin Allen

    LED Screen Tool - Blow through video wall?

    What is a "Blow-Through?"
  2. Kevin Allen

    Move Along Path Animation

    You might also consider AnimationWorks PIO.
  3. Kevin Allen

    Crowd with LED wristbands

    Sounds like a challenge. With a spotlight lighting device, I use the Spotlight preferences to adjust the color of the lens in Spotlight preferences, bu class and use the color field. I would think I could manipulate another type of symbol in the same way. The figures would have to be converted to lighting devices.
  4. Kevin Allen

    Problem with Textures and Text

    Can't you simply change the Jamb Class in the Settings?
  5. Kevin Allen

    System Scaffold as Custom Truss in Braceworks?

    Sounds like an excellent idea. I know custom truss can be created by defining a section. Not sure about scaffolding.
  6. Kevin Allen

    far clip plane vs look at distance

    excellent question.
  7. Kevin Allen

    Fencing tool for Crowd Contorl Barricade?

    Symbol along path?
  8. Kevin Allen

    Landru Design Tools Updated!

    I cannot work without these tools!
  9. Kevin Allen

    Animation for VW ?

    Seems like Vision would be your logical choice.
  10. Kevin Allen

    Stage rendering

    Creating excellent textures, good use of lighting for right and shadow. A well built model. The beauty s th emdoel can be shared and turned into working drawings. I go through the entire process in my book. http://routledgetextbooks.com/textbooks/9780415726139/
  11. Kevin Allen

    Deck Tool - Different height legs on same deck

    This option would be very useful, especially if the tool was 'aware' of the related surfaces.
  12. Kevin Allen

    Custom North Arrows

    Sadly, I think you must do a little programming to add graphics.
  13. Kevin Allen

    creating new classes

    I the class creation dialog, check edit properties after creation and turn on visibilies in the visibilities tab.
  14. Kevin Allen

    Animation for VW ?

    I know AnimationWorks and use it. As far as I know it is the only option. great value
  15. Kevin Allen

    Animation for VW ?

    AnimationWorks, if it's still supported is terrific! @Julian Carr?
  16. Kevin Allen

    This kind of transparency

    Why not? Layer transparency.
  17. Not only for landscaping, but improved gradients would be useful.
  18. Kevin Allen

    Modeling a Niemeyer Project (video clip)

  19. Kevin Allen

    Does anyone do freelance work?

    sure, what is the project?
  20. Kevin Allen


    The braces are likely simple extrudes. More complex if you really need the hardware and not just the 'look.' The tent shapes are also really easily done as Sub-Division models.
  21. Kevin Allen

    Symbol Creation

    Has the 2D portion been drawn in the 'screen plane?'
  22. Kevin Allen


    That said, it would be great to have specific manufacturers and rental houses inventory available with associated data records.
  23. Kevin Allen

    Looking for a Specseat Theatre Seat Modelled in 3d

    It would be great for many companies to work with VWX to include their products int he VWX libraries. Content that ships with VWX is much easier to use and to specify. This is product marketing for the manufacturers.


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