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    mapping a decal onto 4 plasma screens

    Not sure about 2015, when I had 2015, there was a version, but I'm using 2019 http://www.landrudesign.com/DefaultFrameSet.htm?index.htm~LandruMnFrm @C. Andrew DunningLikely knows best.
  2. Kevin Allen

    mapping a decal onto 4 plasma screens

    The tool is in the Spotlight tool set. You can also purchase it as a stand alone. I've found it very valuable for a long time. Your solution does seem, to work, but I would show flat monitors on the wall for accuracy.
  3. Kevin Allen

    mapping a decal onto 4 plasma screens

    Are they rally curved? Could you use the television tool?
  4. Are those 'walls' in sketchhup? I'm not a sketchup user, but there is a wall conversion setting in the import dialog.
  5. Kevin Allen

    new macbook pro Hardware advice

    I generally find that making the processor bump isn't worth he investment, that bump is generally costs more than it is worth. RAM, I like RAM, but I haven't investigated the new video cards.
  6. Kevin Allen

    Renderworks Image Export Issue

    can you send me the file? Class should have a solid, usually white fill.
  7. Kevin Allen

    Renderworks Image Export Issue

    they might have a class assigned to them, and the class might have a solid gray fill.
  8. Kevin Allen

    Renderworks Image Export Issue

    did you check to see if they have a solid fill in either a class assignment, or the attributes palette?
  9. Kevin Allen

    Renderworks Image Export Issue

    are you exporting for the design layer? If so, try creating a sheet layer viewport and rendering/exporting for the sheet layer, Also, do those image props have a solid gray fill?
  10. Kevin Allen


    That's a big quoin. The sale answer is yes, start with a 3D model, and view in perspective. What are you trying to draw?
  11. Kevin Allen


    I use a DTM from the Architect and Landscape products for this kind of work.
  12. Kevin Allen


    Does the sidewalk have a solid fill in it's attributes? Is it stacked below the terrain? In general, textures do not show in 2D, you can add a hatch to a texture and see that in 2D if you view the 2D in a hidden line view, not wireframe.
  13. Kevin Allen

    Sample VWX File

    I try to lay out a plan to grow from in my book, including simple files https://www.routledgetextbooks.com/textbooks/9780415726139/
  14. Kevin Allen

    Renderworks or Artlantis Advice

    I don't know Artlantis, but Renderworks does nice, well, work. There is also an augmented reality feature in the VWX cloud, which can put furnishings in rooms.
  15. Kevin Allen

    editing the purpose of a lighting fixture

    or Lightwright?
  16. Kevin Allen

    Repeating different sized exterior finish

    This seems like an option could/should be added to the tiles procedurals. Adding the image option only available with bricks, and irregular verticals, with some specified parameters.
  17. Kevin Allen

    Not seeing reflection/shadow in glass

    Try making the mirror substantially less. Looks like it is reflecting a white or no background.
  18. Kevin Allen

    Not seeing reflection/shadow in glass

    What's the base color? What is you use Mirror and not glass reflectivity?
  19. Kevin Allen

    Not seeing reflection/shadow in glass

    I would suggest making the center color closer to white, and making sure the dark is not true black.
  20. Kevin Allen

    Importing IFC data from symbols in another drawing

    hat if you insert an instance of the symbol directly from the library?
  21. OK, where to begin. The work isn't mine, so I have some speculation here. The work was by a client. I believe he used a stock title block from 2019. I did a Save-As and the file name now fits in the boundaries. I did have to 'edit' the title block for the TB to find the change. That seems like a bug, It should know. In any event, the title block has not moved. I was just able to edit the title block Layout and move the title block. That fixed the problem. I had tried that previously, but the move did not work. In 2019, the placement of the title block geometry no longer as it did before, with he lower right point attaching to the border object? I can understand using one Locus, see above, if I want the TB to float away from the border, but I'm not sure why two would be required.
  22. Kevin Allen

    3D modelling

    Backdrops are among the few places I might extrude a line.
  23. Kevin Allen

    Animation for VW ?

    You might look into modeling your own lighting devices, adding a lens and a VWX spotlight object to the same symbol.


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