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  1. It was showing it mapped right on the surface, but it wouldn't wrap the surface. I changed my mapping type to cylinder and that seemed to help, although it was a bit tricky to get it in the right spot using the attribute mapping tool in cylinder mode. I got it close enough for now. Thanks for your help.
  2. I am trying to add a decal curved surface. It doesn't seem to be working. The decal doesn't show up. Any suggestions? I tried looking through the previous posts and couldn't find a similar problem.
  3. I ended up designing it in AutoCAD Inventor. It was a pain, but the end result turned out well. You can check it out here: http://www.dancingastronaut.com/2015/06/deadmau5-debuts-new-mousetrap-inspired-stage-governors-ball-nyc/
  4. Some lines seem to be dropping off when publishing to PDF. They appear normal onscreen, but when the PDF is printed they disappear. Both Vectorworks and Adobe Acrobat are up to date. All graphics cards and printer drivers are up to date. I've tried with multiple printers, multiple users, and multiple files. All with the same results. Any thoughts?
  5. Yes, SP 3 seems better. Sometimes sending files to VW tech support isn't an option. Especially when working with NDA, etc.
  6. Surface Array was what I looked at first, the problem with that is that for a true geodesic dome the triangles are not all the same size. I ended up downloading software that is specific to geodesic domes and exporting a SAT file and importing that to VW and tracing it with the 3D polygon tool and then doing an extrude along path.
  7. I'm looking for a tutorial on how to draw a geodesic dome in Vectorworks, specifically a V3 Geodesic Dome,any suggestions?
  8. Updating my video card driver seemed to help quite a bit. That cut down my crashes to one or two a day from one every 15mins or so. SP3 seems to be helping too so far. Only one or two crashes since updating. -CSW
  9. Jim, Thank you for the info. Would it be worth while reinstalling VW 2015? at this point the only thing I would lose would be my custom workspace.
  10. I resubmitted before my last post since I received no response from last Friday. When is the next SP coming? Right now my company is paying for a program that doesn't work. We have already switched to another program for some of our projects and this stability issue is not helping my case to continue using VW.
  11. I submitted a tech support request about this last Friday with no response. I have checked with other users I know and several of them are having similar issues, others are not. Not sure what the common denominator is, seems to be an issue on Mac and PCs running Windows 7 and 8.
  12. Two more crashes just starting this morning, then one more after 10mins or so. I will be going back to VW 2014 for now. Please let me know if you have any other solutions because I like a lot of the features of VW 2015, but the stability issue is unacceptable.
  13. Saving locally, seems to help some. Definitely seems to be happening when it should be autosaving. Not every time though, happens before the confirmation of the autosave.
  14. Saving Locally doesn't seem to help. Three more crashes since I switched to backing up locally.
  15. I will try saving them locally and let you know how it goes.
  16. Files are stored on a network drive. I've had 4 crashes in the last two hours. It might be an autosave issue. It seems to happen about when it should be autosaving. I upped the number of operations between saves and changed it from not requiring a confirmation to requiring a confirmation. It's only crashed once since then. I just recently changed to VW 2015 at the first of the year, I didn't have as many problems w/ SP1, but it has become unbearable this last week when I upgraded to SP2. I'm really thinking of going back to VW 2014, it was much more stable.
  17. I've had major stability issues since updating to VW 2015 SP2. VW seems to crash for no apparent reason. There is no pattern to when it crashes, it crashes when I am doing very different tasks. Any suggestions? Anyone know a way to go back to SP1? -CSW
  18. I'm having the same issue. It will only show up if it is docked. Not helpful when I want to use two monitors. This started happening after I downloaded VW 2015 and happens in both VW 2015 and 2014.
  19. Ever since I upgraded to SP3 I am having an issue with textures not previewing correctly when I create them or edit them. See attached image. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  20. Yes, please, thank you. I have been doing the work around you described, but it only seems to work part of the time. and I have to copy it over to another layer, etc. to not affect the original object.
  21. It would be great if the Unfold Surfaces tool worked on any extruded shape/solid subtraction, etc.
  22. Jim, thank you for your help with this. The above helped some with my issues. For those still having issues after doing the above, I still has some issues with the install and had to go in to each subfolder and either rest the permissions on that subfolder and sometimes delete the subfolder and let the library installer create a new version of the subfolder.
  23. Still having this issue, on multiple files.
  24. I'm having VW Library installation problems as well. I followed the directions on the website, but the install status bar shows no progress. It just stops at Copper Beech Milwork.vwx and shows no progress. How long should this take for the full designer package?
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