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  1. I have an updated request on this...Is there an easy way to add the symbol name associated with the extrusion length to the record field? As it is right now, the lengths are listed in reports that I run, but without symbol name info. It would be nice to merge the standard info given if selecting "List all symbols" upon creating a report (symbol name and quantity) with the extrusion lengths of those symbols. Does that make sense?
  2. Yep I somehow missed the first line. Works like a charm! Thank you so much!!
  3. I tried running the script and got a bunch of errors...am I doing something wrong here?
  4. I've attached a super simple file as an example. The record format in the file doesn't include nearly as much as I might have eventually; but the extrusion length is all I'm looking at for now. And the symbols I'm using are just the extrusions for the most part. Almost all other complex symbols I would be using wouldn't necessarily require an extrusion length to be included in a report. Extrusion Example.vwx
  5. I've been scouring the internet for any indication as to how to go about creating a record format that auto-populates the extrusion length of a symbol...and I've had no luck. But I just saw this script posted on another topic: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/46334-help-with-auto-record-formats-fields/ and I was wondering if anybody could help me alter this to work for my purpose. I have a number of 2D shapes that I often extrude and then make into symbols. These symbols then act as the structures of trade show displays that I help design. As there are a number of similar objects in these structures, I'd love to be able to run a report that includes the length that I've extruded the symbols. Or any other suggestions as to how to get a similar result would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!


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