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  1. Thanks for sharing valuable information.
  2. Why we need interior lighting design in home?
  3. one model file is supposed to contain only one version of an object, not alternative versions of it. This often creates problems while working on project. Are there any recommended best practices how to organize the alternative designs?
  4. I've been able to convert all drawings but one to Minicad 8, which Vectorworks should be able to open. I'll send you a PM with a download link.
  5. I'm working on a project as a contractor and my client wants the plant bubbles to be rectangles, not like the one provided, but more like a square the same size as the hexagon but a square instead. Anyone have any ideas on making a custom Tag Bubble? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. sample-finished planting plan.pdf
  6. Thanks for this. I'm familiar with this rectangle however my client wants a square just like the hexagon with the quantity over the plant ID just like the attached image. Thanks again for your time and support.
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