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  1. We are having issues with this as well...it's unfortunate you cant render clip cube drawings in hidden line for our working sets. @Jim Wilson is this how it's supposed to operate ... or a bug that should be logged? In the meantime we worked around this issue by: using open GL in the Open GL settings uncheck "Use Textures" uncheck "Use Colors" check "Draw Edges" Thickness (pixels): "1" Bump the ambient light up to max to remove shade and shadows change the clip cube cut to black or grey
  2. Yeah @JHAM...JUST figured it out as I was typing up the response. @cburg I have been told the bug number is VB-154300 if you want to keep an eye out in the release notes...I know I have been.
  3. This is exactly what we have been doing...and even after the space label fix will most likely become our standard. We are more and more trying to push tag/markers/notes/etc to the annotation layer to keep drawings organized. Alway fought the stacking order of space objects ... want the boundaries to be behind everything but the label on top. So the new Data Tag object allows us to do just that, per drawing PLUS the Data Tag can be used in 3D (live elevations & sections) as well. Probably will help eliminate a handful of classes from our standard in the process. The only issue is much of the data is not editable from the Data Tags (finish labels, ceiling height, etc), but not the end of the world. That being said, still want the bug to be fixed so those tags work with our older drawing standard.
  4. yeah, the label classing is broken...as well as a few other elements of spaces having to do with Space Styles. I believe some of the issues are being fixed in SP1...but hopefully it will all be taken care of soon. With the new Data Tag object, we are actually planning on using the space labels just as a drawing aid and placing all the labels on the Annotation Layers. So this is forcing us to do that in our one project that is in 2019.
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