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  1. ok, error reporting set to "send crash details and usage patterns" ..watch your crash detection inbox most of my crashes seem to occur during "Command+Save", some days are much better than others & some files seem more stable than others (then again, that might just be my imagination). the crashing becomes maddening some days—2015 was supremely stable for me. i use VW strictly for 2D drafting TIA
  2. posted this in the Printing Forum-hope it's helpful to all of those DesignJet 500PS owners... http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=22;t=000249
  3. The following steps will allow you to print from Mac OS X 10.3 Panther to a HP DesignJet 500PS printer-no RIP software is required, and it prints IMMEDIATELY: Step 1: Download the "DesignJet 500PS" driver from http://www.buymelunch.com/printing/ , and install. The driver is listed as working for Jaguar-in this case, it works for Panther as well. When you installed Panther, you may have installed the GimpPrint drivers (custom install). If you did not do this, install the "GimpPrintPrinterDrivers" package now from the Panther Install Disc 2, located in the "Packages" folder. If "for some reason" you cannot find your install discs for Panther, send a nice email to: richard@stasisdesigngroup.com and I will see what I can do. Gimp-Print is open-source software, so there should not be a problem with sharing. (See http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/p_Documentation.php3 for additional info.) Step 2: Open the Printer Setup Utility (in Applications/Utilities/)-you should be looking at the "Printer List" window. While pressing the "option" key, click on the "Add" button. This will enable an "Advanced" item in the topmost pull-down. Select "Advanced" (at the very bottom). At some point, the Print Utility checked for new drivers-let it do this so that it will find the new driver that you just installed. In the "Device" pull-down, select "DesignJet 500PS". The "Device Name" box should name itself and input the device URL (the printer is on & the USB cable is plugged in, right?). At the "Printer Model" pull-down, select "HP", and find your printer in the box below. Highlight the model that you have-mine was "DesignJet 500PS (42 inch), Tyler B + buymelunch.org". Click the "Add" button. Step 3: In VectorWorks, select "DesignJet 500PS" in "Page Setup" and go from there as you normally would. Some hints: I had to jockey around with some custom paper sizes to get everything printing exactly as I wanted. If the edges of your drawing are being cropped, add a 1/2" or so to the paper size. To get true black & white printing, I select the "Black And White Only" box in VectorWorks' Document Preferences before printing. I also adjusted some of the thinner line weights that I felt were printing a little too heavy. Step 4: Go back to http://www.buymelunch.com and buy Tyler Blessing some lunch for writing the driver for us! If you get stuck, email me at the above address, & I will try my best to help you out. Sorry, I don't check this board frequently-only when I need some help! Thanks to Tyler-you rock!! No thanks to HP for their absolutely HORRIBLE lack of Mac support for this expensive printer.
  4. Adobe Graphite Std Regular is closest to the AutoCad font- $29 at Adobe.com http://www.adobe.com/type/browser/F/GRPQ/F_GRPQ-10005000.jhtml
  5. turn off cursor hints when entering text within a text box by default, and switching back to showing hints (if previously activated) after closing text box. hope this doesn't sound confusing-the problem i have is that when i enter text, i usually have the cursor hints in my way and can't see the text i'm entering. i have tried to remember to turn off the hints before entering text, but it's kind of a pain. this is really bad interface design-i am disappointed this hasn't already been adressed
  6. i use a 5-button mouse (MS intellimouse) and have the buttons mapped so that i can navigate the drawing window... left-click=unmapped right-click=2D selection tool scroll button=zoom in window thumb button 1=zoom out window thumb button 2=pan this lets me move around quickly with the mouse with one hand (right for me) and lets me use my left hand for keyboard commands. another hint would be to map the keyboard commands you use the most for the left side of the keyboard so that you are not reaching so much with your keyboard hand (this will make you a speed user, you will be surprised at how quickly you can "relearn" keyboard commands-ie. set line command to A, Q for offset, ` for text...) i recently tried out a couple cordless mice-the top-of-the-line logitech (really slick but extremely poor ergonomics) and the cordless MS intellimouse. i didn't like either because they were so uncomfortably heavy with the batteries. anyway-my 2?
  7. would something like this be possible? if so, would it allow us to send native files to an HP plotter (ie Designjet 500PS)?
  8. draw a few connecting dashed lines, now look at them. the dashes are inconsistent. my high-school drafting teacher drilled into my head that there should be an equal part of the dash at EACH end of the line, and when 2 lines intersect-there should be 2 visible lines intersecting-this is not always the case in VW. (don't want to mention it, but acad 'corrects' dashes to look correct) also, there should never be an instance where the endpoint of a dashed line might be 'invisible' as sometimes occurs. this sets you up for too many 'snap' errors-since it's not WYSIWYG.
  9. this would allow you easily and quickly keep a class or layer visible, but uneditable. setting this as a command would allow one to set a button or keyboard command for quicker use. also, commands for turning a layer or class on/off by selecting an item on that layer or class would be handy.
  10. can the arrow at the bottom right of the drawing screen be made into a command? then it could be set to a keyboard button making life much easier (finding that little teeny tiny arrow is kinda hard). maybe i'm missing something here--if so, pls enlighten me. thanks
  11. i second this one-would be very handy (and similar to acad)
  12. it's supposedly shipping: <http://www.macroenter.com/> looking for some input on this product or the other microspot RIPs. there is a severe lack of info on their website--geez, not even a screenshot! i am looking for an alternative to the HP RIP that comes with the 42" 500ps, on Mac OS 9/X. ANY info would be appreciated. thanks (from all of us with HP's)
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