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  1. Seems like an interesting approach. How do you set up the Record in the Resource Manager? Thanks
  2. I have tried class overrides but it does not seem to work. It is for a large project with over 30 wall types covering 1000s of linear meters so we really need a systematic parametric approach.
  3. The alternative appears to be doing this manually i.e. overlaying colour in the design or annotation layer in a different classes to differentiate each wall type, which seems a bit nuts, especially on larger projects
  4. Is it possible to generate scope drawings from wall styles? For instance make 'wall type 1' solid green and 'wall type 2' solid purple in a plot file viewport, rather than showing either the whole wall detail or using the hide details function in black or white? Thanks
  5. Is there a reason why my windows have jumped several metres above the wall they are inserted into? Thanks
  6. Chin-Pin I have tried IFC export. I was wondering if there is any way to convert to Revit?
  7. Is it possible to convert Vectorworks (BIM) files into Revit format? Thanks
  8. How do we make the window hinge markers visible in section viewports i.e. elevation, to show that they are side-hung or top-hung etc? We have converted our windows to symbols and have ticked Show Interior and Exterior Hinge Markers in the object settings. The hinge marker class is also turned on in the viewports. Do we need to do anything else? Surely they should be automatically visible. Thanks
  9. Thanks @Alan Woodwell. Unfortunately that box was already ticked and when I unticked it there didn't seem to be any change. The windows are on solid classes as when. Aside from the reversed text the issue is mainly with tags showing through walls as opposed to walls showing through windows.
  10. Some window tags are not showing correctly in our section viewport elevations. They appear backwards and also through walls, as attached. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to rectify it? Thanks
  11. Using the clip surface tool to create a recess in a wall type appears to be very temperamental, especially when a wall is within a symbol or the wall type is updated. Does anyone else experience this problem? Thanks
  12. Sure, here you go... column symbol.vwx
  13. Column objects are disappearing when I combine them into symbols. Why is this happening and is there any way to resolve it? They are showing up in 3D in wireframe but not in plan. Thanks in advance
  14. Can anyone recommend or put themselves forward as a Vectorworks Architect BIM expert with experience of setting up and working with large complex residential projects, to assist our practice in Manchester UK for a fee?
  15. @Vaughan that is strange since our window tags look fine in the design layer but do not appear in the sheet layer
  16. Thanks Christiaan, it was the rejoining all the walls bit that I was missing.
  17. Yes it doesn't appear to make any difference whether it is on or off.
  18. Thanks Christiaan. I have tried your suggestion and the problem still persists. If I duplicate the thinner layer of insulation which is joined correctly and use it to replace the thicker layer, the problem is transferred to the new insulation layer, as attached. Strange.
  19. I have created an external metal rain screen wall style for a faceted wall however the insulation element extends beyond the join for each segment of wall in plan, as attached. I would be happy to ignore this but there are also windows close to the joins in these walls and the insulation is extending over them. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
  20. @VaughanHave you managed to solve this because I am having a similar problem? Thanks
  21. Our door and window tags are not visible in our section viewports, despite the tag class being turned on. Is there something else we should be aware of?
  22. What is the best way to show information such as floor heights and gridlines within section viewports? I could just draw it in the annotation layer but would prefer if it was referenced so I can transfer it across multiple sections and elevations. Can you add referenced design layers into section viewports?
  23. I'm using 2017. I just loaded service pack 3 and it seems to have ironed out a few glitches. Thanks
  24. Does anyone experience problems with symbols within symbols, e.g. a flat type symbol within a floor plate symbol referenced into a sheet file, where some of the elements such as doors are not visible in the plot viewport despite all classes being turned on?
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