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  1. Scook

    Is Vectorworks Nomad AR broken on IOS 12?

    Hi Alex test flight version installed and initial testing seems positive with no issues. I'll load up some other models and run it for a while. Cheers for all your help with this.
  2. Scook

    Is Vectorworks Nomad AR broken on IOS 12?

    Sure I already have test flight installed for some other apps and would be happy to help
  3. Scook

    Is Vectorworks Nomad AR broken on IOS 12?

    Just a wee addendum, putting the Nomad app into the background does temporarily alleviate the problem but it quickly stutters and freezes until you send it into the back ground again.
  4. Scook

    Is Vectorworks Nomad AR broken on IOS 12?

    Hi Alex Thanks for the speedy response 🙂 Its an iphone 8 running IOS 12.12 Nomad 6.4.2 I have had a colleague test it on their Iphone 5s and they are encountering similar issues using the test models in nomad. Standard model viewer works perfectly its just the AR viewer that has been misbehaving since IOS 12 update. I have removed and reinstalled the app, cleared the dropbox folder and transfer the vwx. and then submitted the models for processing again but with out any improvment.. Any help is greatly appreciated Cheers Simon
  5. Scook

    Is Vectorworks Nomad AR broken on IOS 12?

    Hi Inokolova The models in question used to work brilliantly but but now even with simplified models the app stutters and dies in AR. I have attached one of the drawings as an example. Any help on this wouldbe greatly appreciated. Cheers Simon Cabaret Nomad.vwx
  6. Hi I used to use Nomad for displaying Vectorworks models in physical venue model boxes. This worked a treat and on a couple of occasions I scaled the model up and was able to walk a director around the set in the actual venue. However since IOS 12 nomad stutters and ctds within seconds of starting up an AR model. The standard viewer still works perfectly with no issues however. I have trawled the forums and web and can find very few references to Nomad let alone any solutions and to date there is only one review on the app store (mine). Is anyone else using this successfully? Is this a known issue? is it just my setup? Any help with this would be appreciated as its driving me nuts.. Cheers Simon
  7. Brilliant! Thanks Pat I have it fully working now and with a minor tweak to the required layers I can rapidly report on materials rather than manually working it out. Its going to save hours of grunt work, as well as making the technicians happy as they will have a reasonable approximation of the weights for flying. Thanks again for your help 🙂
  8. Hi Pat Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I managed to get the majority of this working correctly following your guidance but I think I have missed something. I couldn't find the create report option but the advanced criteria dialogue box opened automatically when I clicked Database in the row header so i just used that. If I have understood your instructions correctly there are more options available on the create report dialogue box, which is why I can't control the sheet in the same way you suggest. I also cannot for the life of me work out how to Summarise the materials in to a single row. I did find Create report in the spotlight menu but it only listed records or symbols as the possible columns but there was no advanced button. Any Ideas where I went wrong?
  9. Hi There I am trying to create a worksheet that will generate a report on the quantity, cost and total weight of an item of theatrical scenery drawn in multiple classes over multiple layers. Each Material class is reported on using the formula: =VOLUME((C='Materials- Timber- Dar- 25x70') & (L='Flats- SL'))/1750000 I don't want to update the material (class) formula for every layer. Is there a way to use a reference cell to set the criteria and then use the cell number within the formula so that only the reference cell needs updating? Can a single formula contain multiple references to multiple layers? For example I have a Doorway Flat (timber frame) on one layer and door on another to make the drawing easier whilst building the 3d model. However the construction drawing on a sheet would contain viewports from both layers showing the wall and the door . Ideally I would deploy the worksheet onto the sheet layer and generate costing/tech data from there. Any help with the syntax of the formula would be great The only other possible solution I can think of would be to turn each finished model into a symbol and the use the INSYMBOL command but this comes with its own additional considerations. Are there any obvious pitfalls with this approach? I have tried to attach a sample .vwx showing my layer structure and worksheet but keep getting a -200 error Cheers Simon
  10. Scook


    Perfect thank! this fixed it.
  11. Hi all Is there anyone who can help me with some work sheet questions? I have created a worksheet that will report the linear metres of timber and number of sheets of ply wood in a model using volume by class: =VOLUME_LEGACY(((C='Materials- Timber- Dar- 20x68'))) However there are a few flaws with this approach and I was wondering if there are any worksheet commands that could be used to help quantify materials on different layers in complex drawing? Problem 1 This method will report the total amount on all layers, which is useful for a total costing, but no use for quantifying an individual multi material component within the lager model. Consequently I also need it to be applied to individual layers, preferably by being able to drop the work sheet onto a given layer and having it report the volume by class for that layer only. Problem 2 I appear to be using a Legacy command, does anyone know what the correct command would be for 2017? =volume does not return results. If it helps I can attach a sample drawing with a typical layer/class structure that I am hoping to run the worksheet in. The end goal is to have a worksheet that output a quantity and attach a cost to the items modelled whilst I am drawing them. Any help here would be appreciated
  12. Scook

    Zooming causes objects to become invisible

    Sorry Jim Spoke to soon.... problem has manifested again. I have attached a video. it only seems to occur when one particular layer's visibility is altered, resulting in everything turning invisible (but still intractable with if you can find it). Interestingly the problem can be resolved by making that layer visible again. i have attached a wee video of the behaviour, any thought would be appreciated. Vectorworks_Designer_2017_-_[Street_Scene_Construction_Drawings_D1.vwx_-_WATERMARKED_FILE]_26_02_2018_14_52_06.mp4
  13. Scook

    Zooming causes objects to become invisible

    Thanks Jim, Driver update fixed it! I should have checked that first.......
  14. Scook

    Zooming causes objects to become invisible

    Sorry Text file attached now DxDiag.txt


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