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  1. kduncan

    Spotlight Numbering DMX

    I had a quick chat with the guys on the Vectorworks PLASA stand the other day regarding the whole DMX addressing situation and they seem keep to implement a more complete tool to help deal with the issues that we are seeing, perhaps with a bit of consultation we might get something that is as close to what we all want, which no doubt varies to some extent. And as you point out there were user definable concatenation fields in the label legend system that would make for very neat and flexible legends.
  2. Hello all. I might be missing something here but the spotlight numbering still does not seem to treat DMX correctly, I am still exporting my instrument data to wrangle the dmx in another piece of software before importing back in. What I would like to see is a proper implementation of DMX numbering where the system understands that there are 512 channels per DMX universe, and will increment the universe and addresses accordingly. It would be great if it would also concatenate the universe and address information in to the UAddress field automatically with a separator of your choice. Keith VWX 2019