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  1. I experienced a strange error when using the Spotlight numbering to enter DMX addresses. Fixture - GLP Impression Xs in 14 Channel mode. When addressing multiple fixtures using Spotlight numbering starting at 001 each time the 5th fixture in the line would be addressed at 9, rather than at 57. When I went in to the DMX Patch layout to check the patch, I spotted the errors but when I made corrections in the patch they showed up as correct but they did not stay when I exited out of the window back to the drawing and errors came back. The DMX patch seems a step in the right direction but it is very clunky and slow.
  2. Hello. I am a long time user of Vectorworks. I have just started my first project using Vectorworks 2020, I noticed it had the new DMX patch feature which should be a great help. I have a workflow in place for doing DMX patching, which I was planning to use on this project, however it seems that the new system will not let you import a patch from an external source, even importing instrument Data with all of the Universe, Address and universe/address fields correctly formatted and filled in, when you "Update Fixtures" it wipes this information. I am now re-entering the patch information manually through the new DMX Patch feature, it seems very slow, and is becoming very time consuming. Is there a way to import a patch from an external source? Keith
  3. kduncan

    Hardware check

    I finally solved the issue, I bought an almost identical specification MacBook Pro and the problem went away. The dell after some intervention by their Tech Support team who couldn't figure out what the issue was has headed back to Dell land. I guess there is something to be said of the closed loop Mac environment, Developers can actually tune software to work within a know range of variables.
  4. kduncan

    Hardware check

    yes, exactly what I am experiencing. and as much as I don't want to go back to a Fruit Based Laptop with lots of adaptors hanging out the side i do feel that that is probably the only way to go If I stay with Vectorworks.
  5. kduncan

    Hardware check

    Im Happy for someone to have a look. It could just be my lack of Windows knowledge, but I have been taking advice from colleagues who are windows veterans, All I am trying to do are some Spotlight 3D Viewports with 3D Lebel Legends, and some Top / Plan viewports. having use Vectorworks for around 10 years this performance is definitely below par.
  6. kduncan

    Hardware check

    Pete. That is what my settings look like. I have tried many combinations but still the performance is no better than my 4 year old MacBook, possibly worse, getting Black screens and spinning blue circles when creating or moving new viewports in sheet views. I am still running VW 2018 as I don't want to risk 2019 on the project I am working on currently.
  7. kduncan

    Hardware check

    Hi Bas. i have got as far as I can make out (I am new to Windows from Mac) all the Nvida setting set for Vectorworks, but still having terrible performance, barely better than my 4 year old MacBook. What settings have you got? I am beginning to appreciate the apple strangle hold on hardware from a reliability point of view of not a cost one.
  8. kduncan

    Hardware check

    Hi. Just to say that I bought a New XPS15 9570 (Core i9-8950HK Processor, 32GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti) the other week, sadly it isn't living up to my expectations, Vectorworks is running very slowly, terrible re-draw times and generally slow graphics performance, I have now seen a couple of people mention the way in which the NVIDIA card works basically passing through the integrated intel card, It seems that this is either not a feature that Vectorworks supports or just doesn't work very well. Any thoughts, I am on the cusp of returning it and getting the equivalent (if somewhat overpriced) Mac equivalent. Keith
  9. I had a quick chat with the guys on the Vectorworks PLASA stand the other day regarding the whole DMX addressing situation and they seem keep to implement a more complete tool to help deal with the issues that we are seeing, perhaps with a bit of consultation we might get something that is as close to what we all want, which no doubt varies to some extent. And as you point out there were user definable concatenation fields in the label legend system that would make for very neat and flexible legends.
  10. Hello all. I might be missing something here but the spotlight numbering still does not seem to treat DMX correctly, I am still exporting my instrument data to wrangle the dmx in another piece of software before importing back in. What I would like to see is a proper implementation of DMX numbering where the system understands that there are 512 channels per DMX universe, and will increment the universe and addresses accordingly. It would be great if it would also concatenate the universe and address information in to the UAddress field automatically with a separator of your choice. Keith VWX 2019


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