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  1. Thanks for that Sarah. Ill have a look, it does read like its quite similar. Even to look at the script and see what you have done will be good. Cheers.
  2. Thanks. On this occasion my rig is entirely conventional, but good to know.
  3. Thank you very much for the comprehensive reply. That answers my questions. I wasn't sure if MVR used focus point data for the focus of conventional instruments or it interpreted the focus orientation of the fixtures. I was just trying to fault find with the MVR import to Vectorworks, trying to eliminate all the angles before asking on here. Thanks again. Keith
  4. Hi, We are also evaluating Vision, we experienced the same issue with the focus points and MVR in Vision, but used the export to vision function and it worked. I don't believe that Depence2 accepts ESC files, my colleague is going to check.
  5. Hi Tom. Thanks for getting back to me. This is the first time we have tried it in to Depence2 we are evaluating It. Depence2 doesn't support focus points. So if MVR doesn't translate the Off Axis angle and the Vertical focus angle to actual fixture rotation angles then this probably won't work.
  6. Hello all. I hope everyone is staying safe. I have been trying to export from VWX to Depence2 via MVR and have run in to an issue with conventional fixtures. The fixtures in the VWX file are aimed at focus points, when I export the rotation information is not being imported so I have a rig that is all pointing straight down, I searched these forums and found only one other mention of the issue but regarding vision, I have tried the MVR in to vision and have the same issue and have also tried the "export to Vision" option where the focus points are taken and the export works as expected. I have tried re-importing the MVR to Vectorworks and the fixtures were all back to pointing straight down. Is this an issue with the Vectorworks export or a flaw with the MVR format and the mapping of the focus information for conventional fixtures? With this problem it does make the MVR format completely unusable, but with the lack of discussion on here about this perhaps I am doing something wrong. Any ideas? Thanks Keith
  7. Hi again Pat. I got it, 3rd cup of coffee moment. Thanks again for the prodding, it was actually that the naming step had to be nearer the beginning. Its not very elegant and still a few things that aren't quite right but it does what I set out to do. Which is lucky as I have just had a DWG sent over that as over 1300 points on it that need converting. I think my time to productivity ratio just improved. Cheers. Focus Points from Text Working .vwx
  8. I have tried shuffling the nodes around to put the name at the end, but it still isn't happy, I wonder if there is an link in the Focus Point that requires there to be a lighting instrument in order to assign the name. Thanks again for the help, but your chart in your first relay is definitely looking more true. K
  9. Hi Pat. Thanks for taking a look, I have updated the field name String that you mention and am still seeing the names A to H also, I have played about with the Replace String node and a few others, but seem to be getting nowhere. No worries, appreciate you having a look, am enjoying starting to understand a bit about Marionette, having never had to venture in to a scripting world before its very interesting.
  10. Pat. Thanks for the response. This is primarily a learning exercise, but for the current project I am involved with there will be quite a few of these files coming in with varying numbers of text blocks up to the many hundreds, so it would be nice to streamline the process. Getting the relevant text (I discarded the circles) isolated in to their own class is quick and easy. I have been working on a script using reference from a script by Timothy Besada another member on here who made a script for generating focus points for arrays of lights. (I hope that isn't agains board rules) So far I have managed to make it create focus points at the text block locations but can not get the text to become the focus point name. Once again many think for any help, and no worries if not. Cheers. Keith Focus Points from Text test .vwx
  11. Hello, Although I have been using Vectorworks for many years I have never had cause to venture in to the world of Marionette and am looking for a little guidance. I have an imported DWG file that has a number of focus positions denoted by a circle and a text numerical reference. I would like to try to write a Marionette script that will take the centre point of these text objects and create focus points at those coordinates, and ideally take the text and use it as the focus point name. Id be grateful for any pointers to set me in the right direction. Cheers. Keith
  12. I experienced a strange error when using the Spotlight numbering to enter DMX addresses. Fixture - GLP Impression Xs in 14 Channel mode. When addressing multiple fixtures using Spotlight numbering starting at 001 each time the 5th fixture in the line would be addressed at 9, rather than at 57. When I went in to the DMX Patch layout to check the patch, I spotted the errors but when I made corrections in the patch they showed up as correct but they did not stay when I exited out of the window back to the drawing and errors came back. The DMX patch seems a step in the right direction but it is very clunky and slow.
  13. Hello. I am a long time user of Vectorworks. I have just started my first project using Vectorworks 2020, I noticed it had the new DMX patch feature which should be a great help. I have a workflow in place for doing DMX patching, which I was planning to use on this project, however it seems that the new system will not let you import a patch from an external source, even importing instrument Data with all of the Universe, Address and universe/address fields correctly formatted and filled in, when you "Update Fixtures" it wipes this information. I am now re-entering the patch information manually through the new DMX Patch feature, it seems very slow, and is becoming very time consuming. Is there a way to import a patch from an external source? Keith
  14. kduncan

    Hardware check

    I finally solved the issue, I bought an almost identical specification MacBook Pro and the problem went away. The dell after some intervention by their Tech Support team who couldn't figure out what the issue was has headed back to Dell land. I guess there is something to be said of the closed loop Mac environment, Developers can actually tune software to work within a know range of variables.
  15. kduncan

    Hardware check

    yes, exactly what I am experiencing. and as much as I don't want to go back to a Fruit Based Laptop with lots of adaptors hanging out the side i do feel that that is probably the only way to go If I stay with Vectorworks.
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