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  1. This software may be what I was referring to: http://www.interiorcad.com
  2. If memory serves me correct. There is a Vectorworks module that does cabinets. I think that it is made by the parent company of NNA. It will cost some money but may be just what you need.
  3. I am not sure how to implement islandmon's suggestion. You could make a symbol out of the two text boxes, (Modify>Create Symbol), and insert the symbol instead of typing each letter and moving them.
  4. You need to edit the symbol. Simple double click on the symbol and make your changes. Then click exit symbol at the upper right.
  5. It appears that Robert's excellent advice has been ignored. This neat little trick can take the hours and frustration out of reshaping walls.
  6. This is a good trick. However the wall does lose it's property of a wall and becomes a solid subtraction. You would not be able to insert doors or windows into the solid subtraction. You can manipulate a door to look like a niche and still retain the wall as a wall. By adjusting the door swing, thickness, height, and jamb thickness, you can create what appears to be a niche.
  7. I have had this happen with the Create Polys from Walls command. (Seems obvious, right)? The command when working properly will create polys defined by the walls. But sometimes it will turn the walls into polys. I feel for you as this is a scary situation. I know from experience. Hopefully you can undo or revert to a previously saved file.
  8. Note that there is an Academic Discussion Area on this board. You might want to post there.
  9. Your right. The batch print command needs more work. If you print to PDF, it is a better than selecting print for each sheet. Though I still have to number each PDF sheet. It would be nice if you could select batch print and have the computer print out each PDF with sequential numbers without user intervention.
  10. Katie is referring to the Page Setup dialog that shows pages vertical and horizontal. It should read 1 page vertical and 1 page horizontal.
  11. This tool shows promise. However, it lacks needed controls.
  12. Brian, We need more info; what system, what VW version, what printer, etc.
  13. On my Mac, I can use a utility that shows memory usage by all the various programs. If you can do that on your machine, see if VW is increasing it's memory usage over time. This is not a fix, but the info might help NNA troubleshoot.
  14. It will be helpful if you let others know what platform and software version you are using.
  15. I am not sure how a reflected ceiling plan relates to the floor joists. In my practice, a reflected ceiling plan shows what is visible in the finished product. A reflected ceiling plan would typically show the finished ceiling and perhaps the lights. The floor joists would go on structural plans. In your case, Bruce, the location depends on the project. I would probably put them on the basement plan which would also show the foundation and retaining walls.
  16. Bruce, I place framing and foundation on the floor plans. The framing and foundation elements have their own classes. Turning various classes on and off in viewports creates the various foundation and framing plans.
  17. As far as I know, your method is the only way to do this for now. Your comment on use of Acrobat "being no where near as fast", does not make sense to me. I batch print each page to an individual PDF file. Those are then selected in Acrobat and combined. I hardly find this to be an inconvenient step. Some of my project pages are PDF's sent to me by consultants. Even if VW could create a single PDF file with all pages included, I would still need to use Acrobat to add those consultant sheets.
  18. Do not go to the HP website for this plotter. HP does not support this plotter under OSX. All of the software that you need to run your plotter is already part of the system software of OSX. You do not need to download anything. You already have what you need. Setup will take you the same amount of time that I am spending typing this message. I have posted several messages on how to setup a 400 series plotter under OSX. Do a search for 430 or 455 and I am sure that you will find all the info that you need.
  19. I have a G5 running Tiger. My 455CA works just fine. The 430 is on the list of supported printers. Just add it using the Print Utility. Do a search on this board and you will find lots of info on setting up a 400 series HP printer under OSX.
  20. Kevin

    Door Glazing

    These suggestions do work. But why is there a Glass option for a door leaf under the parts tab? I can choose solid or glass. But the glass option does not seem to do much of anything.
  21. This has got to be the funniest post that I have seen on this board :-).
  22. Kevin


    Good info, I did not know that. In the case of laying out an entire floor plan, it would be easier and less confusing to change the units for the entire drawing. This will allow you to confirm your entries. If you want the drawing to read in imperial you can change the units back. I am not sure, but I think that there is a way to display dual dimensions where both metric and imperial appear for each dimension string.
  23. Kevin


    Vectorworks has a preference panel for unit. It's location varies depending upon the version of VW that you have. Yes VW does metric. Though I do not use metric, I do field measure in inches. So I set VW to inches to input all of my measurements. Once done, I then change the units to feet and inches for the duration of the project. By the way, you can also scan your drawing, import it into VW and then trace over it.
  24. This was never a problem with VW11, but I believe I am experiencing the same problem with VW12. The drawn wall would not take on the pattern of the class.
  25. Well the program is now acting properly. The walls are finally showing the class pattern. I wish that I could say what changed. I just kept toggling things on and off and finally it "took". I reminds me of a car that is hard to start. Keep turning the key enough and it will finally start. Thanks to all for your help.
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