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  1. Thanks Katie, I did not see that handle, before. That is just what I needed, works perfect. As for the dimensions: In the OIP is a checkbox for Show Dims, as well as Show Actual Area. So lets say that I have a Space Object that is 10' 0 1/4" x 10' 0 1/4". This equals 100.417 SF. I am doing a preliminary design using Sketch, (got to love it), and I want this to be loose, not precise. I simply want the Space Object to say 10' x 10' and 100 SF. The OIP Decimals Box only controls the Area precision. With my Decimal set to 0, I get 100 SF, perfect. But the Dims still show that 1/4". Sure I can change the entire document units to no fractions, but now my 5 1/2" walls are 6" and my 1 3/8" doors are 1" thick. Islandmon: Thanks for the help. I think that method would be too cumbersome. The Create Spaces From Walls command is wonderful. It keeps things simple. I don't want to have to muck with altering the poly's when I should be able to select the units precision in the OIP.
  2. I made the erroneous assumption that my experience with VW would get better as time went on. I figured that getting a Dual 2.3 G5 would speed things up; it did until I installed VW12. I thought that VW12 would be faster than VW11, thinking that the Folks at NNA would have had time to "fine-tune" the software. Just add a stair object to your drawing; it is like dropping an anchor! The stair object has great potential, but it slows the computer to a crawl. I guess I just don't understand this computer business. I keep getting faster computers, but NNA finds ways to slow them down.
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    Hi Manda. Give us some more info please. What platform, what version of VW, what printer.
  4. When using a Space Object, I need to be able to freely locate the text, ie: Room Name, Square Footage. The OIP allows the option of Center, Left and Right. This however is really very limiting. It there a way to more precisely locate the text without ungrouping the Space Object? Also, is there a way to eliminate the fractions from shown dimensions? The Decimal Option in the OIP will change the precision of the Area, but does not affect the precision of the Dimensions. So I now have an area of 100 SF but I have dimensions of 10'0 1/8" x 10'0 1/8", instead of 10' x 10'.
  5. I wonder if a solution would be to buy or borrow an older Mac and use it only for file translation. You could work on the MacBooks and send those files to the G4/G5. It would be like a print server only it would be a DWG server. Would this work?
  6. The co-extrudes show in wireframe. But go to OpenGl and it is a single extrude? So for me I do not see the hollow part of your trick.
  7. Off topic I know, but how do you post those screen shots?
  8. Kevin


    This Topic was about the MacPro and VW Universal Binary.
  9. Kevin


    I cannot fathom the idea of choosing an operating system based upon price. Price is the least of my concern when choosing a tool that I use every day of my life.
  10. Kevin


    I would agree. After some thought, I realized that VW has had bugs before. The difference here is that we the Users are able to identify a cause and effect. We know that the bug is due to Intel/Rosetta incompatibility. There were times before when we had to put up with bugs and had no idea why they existed and what caused them. If you buy a G5, it will instantly be outdated. You might as well get a MacPro, enjoy your new purchase and deal with the associated bugs as they appear. They aren't the first bugs and will not be the last. My two cents :-)
  11. I am not sure that I follow, but here are my thoughts. I have a 3d house on a sloped lot. The foundation wall are deep enough to extend into the site. The site model has a texture and the foundation below the sites grade line is hidden. VW has the ability to automatically extend walls to a roof. You might be able to use this feature to extend your foundation walls to the ground plane. From a working drawing perspective, the footings would be stepped. I would be showing these dotted below the 2d grade line.
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    I am one of those who normally defends NNA. But I can certainly feel your pain as you are now out of options. You cannot buy a new non-Intel Mac. If I were you, I would be quite frustrated.
  13. There are two places to set resolution. One is in VW and the other is in Acrobat. In VW, go to Document Preferences>Resolution Tab>PICT/PDF export
  14. Thanks Jonathan for the podcasts.
  15. I have given up on using batch print to print to a paper printer. I stopped because of the very problem that you describe. I use batch print to print to PDF. I still have to name each sheet when the save dialog box comes up.
  16. I prefer the silhouette figures as well. The examples that you show in the link are great. Do you know where to find these?
  17. Thanks Dave, I am not sure if I understand what you are saying. Can your advice be used on the VW texture: Shingle Roof Barrel? Can you give an example of a texture where your advice is applicable? Thanks
  18. Thanks Katie, I tried your advice and got it to work. :-). I still have a question though. What is the standard size for an image file? I think that the image I created is a little coarse. In Photoshop it reads as follows: Width 44 pixels Height 44 pixels Width 0.611 inches Height 0.611 inches Resolution 72 pixels/inch Size:6K
  19. I agree with azizg. As much as I appreciate the efforts of the WinDoor development team, I feel that those features should be a part of VW. I do not like the idea of tinkering with VW with work-around solutions. Door and windows are too fundamental to the program to be looking for solutions outside of the core program.
  20. There are many image files in VW that I would think people would want to be able to tweak. The ability to fine tune the color of roofing and siding seems fundamental. Is this possible?
  21. I am trying to change the color of the texture: Shingle Roof Barrel. The existing texture is terra cotta. I need to make this barrel blue. How do I do this? I am thinking that if I could export the image to Photoshop, I could change the color there. But I cannot find the image file.
  22. Well rax, I am not sure what to tell you. I would tend to believe the system when it tells you that the entered IP address is not valid. You can try the other protocols:IPP and HP Socket. I have gotten HP Socket to work as well. I am running a non-intel dual G5 under 10.4.5.
  23. Well, Robert, aren't you the tease. :-) jcaia; NNA is a business in competition with other software companies. Robert and his staff are more anxious, to get a Universal Binary version of VW, than you are.
  24. Hi Rax, I have a 455CA using a JetDirect EX through a router, running under Tiger. I had a set of instructions for the 455 on a previous post, but I cannot find those either. So you are not alone. First you need the IP address of the 455. Press and hold the test button on the JetDirect, for about 10 seconds. The 455 will print two sheets. On the second sheet will be the IP address. You can use letter size paper if you want to save on paper. Now go to Printer Setup Utility. Click on Add 1. Choose Line Printer Daemon LPD 2. Input your IP address from the printed sheet. 3. Leave Queue blank. 4. From the Print Using pull-down, choose HP. 5. From the next list choose HP Designjet 455CA. You have two choices of GimpPrint. One is 4xx and one is 5xx beta. Take your pick. 6. Click the Add button. 7. The printer will now show up on your printer list. 8. Highlight the printer and click the Info, (blue), button. 9 Name your printer whatever you like. 10. Click Apply Changes and you are done.
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