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  1. Who would pay for the tech support? NNA would be flooded with tech support questions from these new novices.
  2. Thanks Islandmon. Great advice on both points.
  3. I have a question for you. Have you tried to print to PDF? If printing to PDF is fine, then I would try printing the PDF to the plotter. This may be a suitable work-around.
  4. I guess I will hold off on the upgrade then. I have a 455CA.
  5. People are welcome to try and get through life without the aid of professionals. Attempting medicine, law, and construction without the aid of doctors, lawyers and architects may lead to some very serious consequences. I have seen it first hand and it is not pretty. VW is a tool and nothing more. Buying VW will not make you an architect; just as buying a stethescope will not make you a doctor.
  6. I tried the same thing on the Mac version OS 12.0.1 with Safari. I got 31 hits. They were not all Spotlight specific. Perhaps this is a PC thing.
  7. Modify>Convert>Objects from Polyline>Property Line
  8. You will need to contact the sales department at NNA or your local distributor, as they handle all sales issues.
  9. Thanks Travis. A recommendation from you means a lot to me.
  10. Thanks Katie. As always, you are the best!
  11. Thanks for the info. It is a strange little program, yet it works. Unlike you Alan, I have never used Command Line Interface. I have always been on a Mac. So it was interesting to explore the "Dark Side" of a non-GUI program :-).
  12. I was out of town when the VW12.5 upgrade was announced. I have been reading various posts that indicated some difficulties with this upgrade. Here is my question. Can I revert back to VW12.0.1 if I find the VW12.5 upgrade unsuitable? Better yet; is there a way to have both copies of 12.0.1 and 12.5 on my computer? I certainly would like to try out the new upgrade. However I am reluctant to commit current projects to an uncertain workflow. PowerMac G5, OS 10.4.7
  13. Michelle, Could you be more specific. You say that you could not show the model rendered at a client meeting. Did the program freeze or crash? Did the rendering take too long; if so, how long is it taking? The more information that you can give, the better that Andrew can give assistance. I am still using 12.0.1 and am reluctant to upgrade until these type of questions are resolved.
  14. Aaron, You don't say what platform you are using. On the Mac, there are many older plotters that are supported by OS10.4. However, the 650 is not one of them. It may work, but it is not listed as a supported plotter. There are many older plotters that are supported, so you might look at them. I use a 455CA which I have had for about 8 years.
  15. I use the 455CA with no trouble. I use Super A1>Arch D. I do find that the printer will cut the paper after the last image. This can produce a lot of sheets that are less than 36" long. The fix for me is to place a very thin line at the left edge as part of my title block. Feel free to ask if you need anything else.
  16. The OIP in both VW11 and VW12 have the checkbox for Closed.
  17. Does this work with PDF which originated as scans? In other words, can I take a blueprint and scan it to PDF and then convert to DWG, and end up with vector info and not bitmap info? That would be wonderful, but it sounds a little like turning lead into gold :-).
  18. Thanks Islandmon. I saw the WWDC demo, but frankly I do not understand how us mortal VW users can benefit from this? Can you elaborate.
  19. Yep, just like Drake says.
  20. Ethan, I certainly think Diskwarrior is an essential product. Is it worth the price? Well some people don't think that backing up their hard drives is necessary or that the software/hardware is too expensive. After their hard drive crashes and they loose everything, then ask them again. For me Diskwarrior is like a flu shot. It keeps my computer from getting sick and possibly dying. Your call :-).
  21. Ethan, If you are using a Mac, go to the application Font Book. Choose validate fonts. The resulting display window is self explanatory. Font Book assigns the results as Passed, Minor Problem, Serious Problem. For my money, if the font does not pass, it goes into the Trash.
  22. Two generic suggestions. This may not specifically address what your particular problem is. 1. Fonts can be corrupt. Use Font Book to check your fonts. Delete those that are suspect. 2. Run a Disk Repair Utility on a regular basis. I use Diskwarrior. It keeps my hard drive from getting too out of wack. Even when the computer is running fine, Diskwarrior finds problems with the drive. Good luck.
  23. Thanks Robert. So I take it that your advice here is to change the Document Units setting to remove the fractions from the Space Object Text. Then when I am ready to move onto Construction Documents, I simply change the Document Units back to whatever precision I desire. Is this correct?
  24. Me too. Force Quit Applications shows :Vectorworks not responding). I tried importing into a new blank document. OS 10.4.7, VWA12.0.1
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