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  1. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthrea...ge=11#Post62471
  2. My reluctance to using wall components is that my experience is VW dimensioning to the outside of the wall. I do not want to dimension to drywall or plaster. I wish to dimension to face of stud which is of course convention. Is there a way to get VW to dimension to studs, or do I need to manually place all dimensions?
  3. Acrobat Professional will allow you to combine PDF files. You could use Batch Print to PDF and then combine those files in Acrobat.
  4. I run into this too. I tried to create an arched opening in a wall. I made the jamb thickness .01 to eliminate it. In rendering. there is a thin strip of wall along the bottom of the opening. Not a problem if the wall is inside where there is a floor. In this case the opening is outside where there is no floor, thus the wall ribbon shows. Peter is this what you are referring to?
  5. I am drawing a floor plan of an existing building. My measurements are to the finished surfaces, face of drywall to face of drywall. I don't want to use wall components. I only want a simple stud wall that is 3.5 inches wide. I am trying to get the control line to offset my stud wall by the thickness of the drywall. This way I can draw to my measurements and have the wall studs offset by the thickness of the drywall. The problem is that VW will not allow this. It is only allowing the offset to be within the wall and not outside the wall. Is there a solution here?
  6. Kevin


    Thanks to you Robert, I found them. You are right. That is one odd file structure. I found the files located in the Hatch Folder. Each file contains a mixture of hatches, images, and textures. Like you, I am on a Mac.
  7. Kevin


    Robert, Are those VW resources part of the StoneCad download? I down loaded Version 5, but do not see those VW specific resources.
  8. I have done it. I simply created 3D glass blocks to scale and then place them with Duplicate Array. The rendering time in 3D is very long due to each block affecting the next one.
  9. Thanks Robert. I was not asking for training. I was simply asking if perhaps I do not understand how to use the online manual. I do appreciate your time and certainly do not expect you to do more than provide tech support. Thank you for all that you do.
  10. Thank you Robert. That did it. I am puzzled why VW has the default value in decimal feet. Robert, can you direct me as to how I can once and for all understand how the schedule system works in VW. The online help manual seems to jump around without giving a step by step how to. Now that you have solved that problem, I am trying to figure out how to eliminate some of the columns that I do not need from the schedule. I have used this software since MiniCad and still am not comfortable with the schedules. Thanks in advance.
  11. I am stumped on this one. All of the dimensions in my door and window schedules are reading decimal feet. 2'-4" is reading 2.333'. How do I get these schedules to read feet and inches? Also, is there a way to eliminate some of the column entries, such as frame details? Thanks in advance.
  12. John, have you looked in the Renderworks textures folder? There are a number of metal finishes there.
  13. I believe I found the Plug-in which you want http://www.vectordepot.com/plug-ins/ See Prefix Classes
  14. There are two existing solutions to this that I know of. 1. There is a utility that operates under VW which will set a prefix for classes. I do not know the name of it. With it you can change the classes Alpha and Bravo to prefix-Alpha and prefix-Bravo. Therefore when importing a survey you can use the prefix of survey and all of those classes now reside under the class of survey. Sorry I don't know the name of this plug-in. Do a web search and perhaps you can find it, or perhaps on VectorDepot. 2. VW12 will allow you to delete classes and automatically reasign them to a class of your choosing. I know this is not the same. But for some it might be all they need to tidy up their classes. Of course you can really do the same by importing into a new blank file, select all and change them to a new single class. Having said all that, it would be wonderful to have the ability to add a prefix right in the OEM version of VW.
  15. My only complaint with VW12.5 is the lack of "snappiness"; such as working within the Object Info Pallets. I keep getting faster computers, but the response to simple input actions stays the same. On the other hand, it is pure joy to watch the two cores chew away at renderings.
  16. Katie is recommending not using 12.5.1 right now and sticking to 12.5.0. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthrea...=true#Post72195
  17. Thanks for the file, islandmon. Your help is invaluable.
  18. What is the purpose of the 3D loci?
  19. Once again Islandmon, nice work. I have two questions: 1. Does the round window appear anywhere in the PIO, or did you take half of a round window and duplicate it? 2. How did you achieve the stone border circling the window? Thanks in advance. Kevin
  20. Draw a rectangle around your window. Cut the rectangle. Put your extrude into edit mode. Paste the rectangle. Do a clip surface. Exit edit mode.
  21. That would be nice. Would the chain extrude tool work for now?
  22. Kevin

    New Plotter ?

    This plotter sounds interesting: http://www.macworld.com/weblogs/creative/2007/01/z3100-intelligent-design/index.php I have no experience with it.
  23. Are we talking about Vectorworks or Autocad? I do not know what "model space" would be referring to in VW. See if you can use VW terms for VW and AC terms for AC.
  24. The Scale Objects command does work well. However, it can cause great harm too. Be very careful about the Scale Entire Drawing check box. If you accidentally re-scale a mulit-layer drawing, you may not be able to easily recover from this action. The safest thing to do is to import your DXF/DWG into a new blank document. I wish NNA would change the Scale Object command dialog box. The Scale Entire Drawing option should have a secondary "Are you sure?" dialog box.
  25. This is why we need a FAQ from NNA on computer components. See this thread: http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthrea...=true#Post60119
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