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  1. Check out the Knowledge Base: http://kbase.nemetschek.net/index.php?ToDo=view&questId=122&catId=23
  2. By the way, what is "BMW?"
  3. I have to disagree. The Sill Class is quite useful. Try to draw a structural plan without it. How do you get rid of the door and window so that the headers show? I do not see what the issue is. Once you know how the Sill Class works, what is the problem?
  4. Thanks mclaugh. Diskwarrior is all that I know, so your additional insight is welcomed. My point here is to use Diskwarrior as a maintenance tool to keep your hard drive from getting so out of wack that data recovery becomes an issue.
  5. By the way, disk corruption also will affect PC users. I am sure that there are equivalent programs for use on that platform. I just don't know what they are.
  6. For Mac users, I strongly recommend that you buy either TechTool or Diskwarrior, (DW). I use Diskwarrior and I run it every couple of weeks. Over time your hard drive may become corrupted. Sometimes you notice the corruption and sometimes you don't. Let enough corruption build up and you will experience problems. My approach is to use DW regularly so that those problems don't arise. The way that I think of it is like "following a trail of bread crumbs". Lose a few crumbs and it will slow you down. Lose enough crumbs and you won't be able to find the trail at all. DW will replace those stray crumbs that were lost to the birds and the wind.
  7. mclaugh: Very well put, great insight!
  8. Thanks for responding Robert. I will email you a graphic to show you what I am looking for.
  9. Thanks Travis. I had not seen this object before. It must have creeped in during one of the major version upgrades. Unfortunately, I now have two choices that don't quite meet my needs. The Secton Marker has the flag on the end that I need. However it lacks the text fields that the Drawing Label has. Any other ideas? Can either of these markers be modified/edited?
  10. Thanks Peter. You know that I am "going out on a limb" to ever question your advice :-). Thanks Kate, as always, for keeping us in line.
  11. I use the Drawing Label to key details to my drawings. I would like to be able to modify the symbol to have a directional flag on the end of the line. 1. Is it possible to modify the symbol? I need to retain function of the OIP. 2. What symbol/object do others use to key their details? Thanks
  12. I have noticed that VW12.5.1 is acting abnormally after the updating from the online download. A number of functions no longer work. I have requested an installation CD and hope/expect that it will resolve those issues. I have had to revert to my saved copy of VW12.0 in the meantime.
  13. I have great respect for Peter's knowledge and advice. I question this idea though. Do others have input on this idea? When I run Disk Utility from the Startup Disk, it seems to work. When I first run it I may see twenty or more entries that need to be addressed. When I run it again, all of those items are gone/resolved. Katie's mantra has always been to run Disk Utility. Perhaps she could set us straight on this issue.
  14. I got one five minutes ago. It is so fast that I have finished all my work and am now ready for retirement. Someday.....perhaps :-)
  15. As Travis indicated, you need to check for font corruption. On the Mac, use FontBook.
  16. Have you tried doing a save-as and saving the Word Doc in a Text or Rich Text format? This might import better than a straight Word Doc.
  17. I use the prefix plug-in on surveys. This way I have a single line item of "Survey" in my class list. It still allows me to keep all of the unique class assignments that the surveyor made. Merge classes is an improvement. However, it would take away the utility of having those unique survey classes.
  18. I have a similar question. I have a survey and am creating new elevations. I need the text of the existing to be a pattern so that it will reproduce lighter on a black and white printer. How can text be given a pattern?
  19. Yes, go to VectorDepot. You will find what you want there. The plug-in will assign a prefix to a group of classes.
  20. I used the Export>PDF Batch function for the first time. The PDF looked fine. However the prints that I got back from my reprographics house had some fonts missing. All of my text callouts printed but they did not have any text inside. I am assuming that the program did not embed that one font, or all fonts. That font was an unusual architect font. The fonts that did print are typical helvetica and times. Is this correct and is there a fix? My normal method has, and continues to be, batch printing to an Adobe Printer. I then assemble those individual sheets to one file in Acrobat Pro.
  21. This new version of Photoshop might be what you want: http://www.macworld.com/news/2007/03/07/photoshop/index.php
  22. I do not get the same result. The foremost roof plane keeps its geometry unchanged and merely acts as an outline to cut through the rearmost in top plan resulting in two separate roof planes one of which has a square hole in it with the 2nd one passing through said hole. Same for me too. Are we missing something Robert?
  23. Thank you Robert. I tried this but the results are less than desirable. I created two hip roofs that crosed each other. The Clip action cliped at the eave of the roof and not at the valley. I had hoped that the roof would cut at the valley line. I am using 12.5.0, not 12.5.1.
  24. I get the sense that you are asking if changes in sheet numbers can be automatically updated in the referencing markers. Would this be your example: You have a detail sheet D2 and, in time, you change it to D3. Thoughout your drawing you have detail reference markers which are all keyed into D2 and you want them to automatically change to D3 to reflect the change in the detail sheet number? I am not aware of this function. It would be wonderful if it exists.
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