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  1. Matt, I nearly forgot about the non-print pencils. Thanks for the trip down memory-lane. Perhaps NNA could implement a T-Square tool in their next version, for us pre-cad folks.
  2. I like your idea. I think it would be useful. I had a similar request years ago. I would also like to compliment you on your fine English. I could not begin to try and pronounce the Dutch words in your screen shot, yet your grammar is as good or better than some native speakers on this Forum.
  3. I see that the Alexandria Laundry Lofts file is .vwx. Is there a way to open this in VW12.5?
  4. My palettes will resize by themselves using 12.5.x under the many versions of OS10.4.
  5. Grant, This thread will be useful if you share with us what the fix was.
  6. Hey islandmon, Is there any advantage to adding more memory to the HP 400 series? I have the 455CA with the original memory using OS 10.4.11. I was told a long time ago that only PC users would benefit from more printer memory.
  7. I prefer to Export to a Quicktime VR Object. The setup dialog allow you to choose whether the light follows the model or the camera. I find the QTVR more useful as it is like a virtual model that can be rotated at will. Once QTVR was introduced, I stopped using Orbit Animations.
  8. Thanks Robert for the answer. Also thank you for your dedication in replying to this thread after eleven o'clock at night! Your suggestion does work with a caveat. After changing the Document Settings>Units>Area Precision, the existing spaces do not update. I had to reshape the space to get it to re-write at the new precision level. Is there a way to globally make this precision change? I used to be able to select all of the spaces and then make a global change to precision in the OIP.
  9. This problem seems to have taken place as a result of the 12.5.3 upgrade. In version 12.5.2 and earlier there was a decimal field in the OIP. I always set the field to 0 so that my square foot readings were without decimal places. Now in 12.5.3 there is no provision for this. After the upgrade, my existing documents changed to three decimal places. So a Space that read 45 square feet now reads 44.672 square feet. Three decimal places is fine for machinists drawings but it is absurd for architectural. How do we fix this please?
  10. Kevin

    spiral ramp

    Islandmon: Thank you so much. I never would have figured it out without your help. Your contributions to this Forum make this "job" of using VW fun.
  11. Kevin

    spiral ramp

    Islandmon. I have tried to recreate your example but I am stumped. I can create sweeps all day long. But how did you put a texture on your sweep object? It appears that your object has a texture already and that you swept that. Putting a texture on the finished sweep is not the answer. A polygon cannot take a texture and a 3D polygon cannot be swept. You are a magician. I only hope that you will reveal your secret :-).
  12. Now I understand. Yes, I guess you are right. You could almost acomplish this with the Lintel function, except that by default, the Lintel extends past the jamb. If this is something that you want, then you should post it as a Wishlist item and not General Discussion. For now, it seems, your solution is to create a symbol for your doors.
  13. Kevin

    spiral ramp

    Thanks Islandmon. I never would have guessed that VW could take that straight image and curve it to match. I know that I sometimes get frustrated at what this program cannot do. It is times like this that I need to step back and stand in awe at what it can do. Thanks again.
  14. Kevin

    spiral ramp

    Islandmon, once again you amaze me. How did you achieve the variable colored surface and the center stripe? As always, thank you.
  15. Could you elaborate. I am not sure what it is that you are stating or requesting.
  16. Thanks Mike. I have been dealing with this "problem" for years. I had no idea that there was a solution, and a simple one at that. Today has been a good day.
  17. You are welcome. I guess I should have mentioned that I had to set the jambs to zero depth to get them to work. A far cry from the five inch thickness of the wall.
  18. I have experienced the same problem and submitted it to tech support a few weeks ago. Their solution is to uncheck "Use Wall Thickness" and set the jamb dimension manually. As a workaround, it worked for me. But I agree with Katie that this is a bug.
  19. Jonathan, I have been using a Mac since 1989, and I did not know about this feature. I just tried it and it works just as you indicate. Thank you.
  20. My experience is that Vectorworks files can be substantially reduced by compressing them into a Zip or Stuffit file. I just took a 9.5MB file and compressed it down to 2.4MB using DropStuff.
  21. Thank you Katie. Your efforts do not go without notice. I often see that you are helping on this board during after hours or even on the weekend. You are the best!
  22. If anyone is in the area of the Virgin Islands, they should stop by and see Islandmon. I think he needs a reboot or least repair his permissions. :-).
  23. I had a similar issue. Using the Batch PDF export I got a nice quick PDF that looked fine on the computer. I emailed it to my reprographics house. They take PDFs and convert to TIFFs and then print, don't ask why. The prints came back without text in all of my callout boxes. The text showed fine on the computer but did not print. I reran the job using the old Batch Print function and printed to an Acrobat PDF printer on my computer. As usual, this printed fine at my repro house. The obvious frustration here is that the PDF on the screen looks fine, so there is no way to know if the file is faulty. VW12.5.1 OS10.4.8
  24. This post once again underscores the need for NNA to provide us users with factual data on how our computers affect the performance of VW. I wishlisted this before: http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthrea...=true#Post60119
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