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  1. Hi Folks...this is a silly one, I reckon. Every once in a while, I get a large file and when I try to rescale so that my print area is reasonable, the "page" market moves a million miles away to a part of the drawing that has nothing. When I rescale how do I get the page box back to where my drawing actually is? (without 10 minutes of zooming in and out to find it...) Thanks.
  2. I've been having this problem since upgrading to 2009, and since the last update a couple of weeks ago, I am not having constant crashing problems. Usually it happens when I am editing text....can't figure it out. I'm frustrated with the screen refresh issue, though....looking forward to a prompt solution to that....
  3. No, it stays "blanked" out where the text box was after I de-select it. That is really the annoying part. I could live with it if it re-rendered the screen after I de-selected it. I am on SP2, so I think that is most current. My cpu / video: Macbook Pro 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo w/ 2 GB Ram Video is ATI Radeon X1600. Honestly, this is computer is not even 18 months old....if one upgrade to VW renders it useless, I'll be disappointed. I do think that VW seems peppier in a lot of places, but I have to say that this is getting almost unusable on diagrams that have multiple layers for me. 2008 exhibited none of these issues.... Thanks for your help. sqe
  4. Hi Folks.... I just upgraded to 2009 on a macbook pro / core duo 2. All in all everything seems to fine, except the screen refresh is completely useless. If I type a text block the is normally vertical, when I'm done and the text flips back to vertical, it completely wipes out anything that was under that space until I refresh the screen by moving up a page and then back a page. Is there a setting for this that I am just missing? Any ideas? It is rendering my 10 multi license upgrade rather useless... Thanks. sqe
  5. Good afternoon, For some reason, every once in a while, I somehow convert (or create) a layer in 3d on a drawing that is only in 2D. This creates issues for me when I am trying to do certain things with my drawing. So, I am trying to figure out how to convert my layer from 3d to 2d, but haven't found a way..... Any ideas? Thanks. sqe
  6. Good afternoon...I have read numerous posts over time about this, but can't figure out what sometimes I literally can't get something to print on my plotter. I even try to make a pdf of it to print and it doesn't print (or takes hours.) Is there anything I can do? I am on a MBP printing to a HP 1055CM with latest VW. Thanks. sqe
  7. Good afternoon, I have stumbled across something that is making my life a pain. When I try to cut and paste between documents (with same scale, etc, etc) in 2D, upon pasting, it pastes the group that I want along with the same group at an angle. So, when I paste, I get two of what I want. The second one is pasted elsewhere on the page at an angle, and is uneditable by me. I have read some other posts about cut and paste having issues. is cut and paste just not working in 12.5? VW is almost unusable for me without it... Thanks. sqe
  8. Thanks, Katie... Ok....I tried that before and again, but it doesn'treturn any records... I created symbols with a new record format called "signage". So when I follow your instructions, I get a worksheet that shows all of the fields that I create with the record format, but nothing is listed... I have at least 100 objects that I have assigned a record to. I know the check box is checked, and I know the records are working because I have linked text to the records, and that text is appearing... Any ideas? Thanks! sqe
  9. Hi All! I have a drawing where I have signs that have a record attached. Each sign is in a module that is labelled as a class. For example=: I have a main entrance sign that has a record signage.type value of "Entrance Sign". This sign is located in class: mod-entrance1. How do I get a summary of how many signs are in a venue? Basically, I want to count the number of signs with record value of "entrance sign" so that I know there are x amount of signs at the main entrance. Is this possible? Thanks. sqe
  10. Thank you!!!!!! That was easy! I appreciate your help!
  11. Hi! I am trying to create a worksheet that calculates some capacity figures. So, I have a class for each part of the venue, and I have a layer where I have drawn a polygon outline of the venue. I am trying to figure out how to capture the area of this polygon in a worksheet. I have tried something like: =AREA((C='class_name') & (L='area calculation')) OR =AREA((C='class_name') & (T=polygon)) But, I always come up with some crazy number.... Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. Hi there....just read this, but I have successfully used Gimp Print to print in OSX to my HP755CM. There is no driver specifically for the 755, but there is one for the 750 and it seems to work great. http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/
  13. Well, last night I upgraded to Jaguar and then applied the VW update and my shift-click appears to be working again...I'll report back if anything changes! Thanks!
  14. Yikes! I am having problems with the shift-click issue. I am on a Quicksilver 867/10.1.5/VWSpotlight 9.5.2 Wow...glad I am not the only one. This one has been kicking my butt! Thanks!
  15. Hello. Since upgrading to VW9.5/Spotlight on mac OS9, I have noticed that my align/distribute tool is always greyed out. How can I fix this? Thanks, Steve
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