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  1. Hi Just moved from VW2016 Landmark to 2021 and getting to grips with the changes. I can view my 3D model perfectly well when in OpenGL mode but if I change the rendering style my model (on any of the possible options) completely disappears and I can only see it when moving the flyover tool. As soon as I stop moving the tool it disappears again? Thanks in advance
  2. hello @Edgar RAMEL Thanks for taking time to reply. If it happens again, I will make sure I check that carefully. Fingers crossed all going smoothly now.
  3. Hi bgoff, thanks for responding. I ended up deleting the file and starting again afresh and it’s working fine now. I obviously set a parameter wrong somewhere, but it’s working now I’m not going to worry about it 🤣 Am loving VW 2021 but it’s a bit of a leap in some areas from 2016, I’m sure I will get there eventually... Thanks again for the offer
  4. Hello I've just moved from VW2016 to 2021 and am struggling to get to grips with some aspects of the plant tool. I want to create my own 2D plant styles for planting plans and specific plants. I've worked out how to create a new one from an object e.g. a circle ok but if I then try and duplicate it the scaling goes completely off. I get the same problem if I try to duplicate one of the existing plant styles. The new plant appears 1/10th the size of the one it is copied/duplicated from?! This happens even if I don't change any of the parameters e.g. just duplicate it with another name so I cant see what I'm doing wrong? Help!!
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