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  1. Thanks answer. But, my colleague using MacBookPro 13" with TouchBar, that is smooth behavior. There's conditions is about same... Moreover, my colleague's VW2016 is SP3.
  2. I'm using VW2016 Spotlight Site Protection Network Ver. (Japanese:サイトプロテクションネットワーク版) on new released MacBook Pro w/o TouchBar. It is so heavy behavior, pan, input text, and all movement does not move as I want. I Installed SP6, but not changed there symptom. I'm think of problem of Hardware, but browsing website etc other behavior is not late. Have I that solution? Using Laptop : MacBook Pro 2016(without TouchBar) OS Version : OS X Sierra(10.12.2) VW Version : 2016 SP6 Japanese Edition Memory and SSD is normal. Using Windows 10 in BootCamp. Running VW2016 in Macintosh. Thanks.
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