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  1. I'm having a very weird issue. Several weeks ago I was having an issue where objects that I would make would randomly vanish, so, silly me, I kept copy-pasting the object from another file. Annoyed, I finally just re-made the object (in this case, it's an extruded bit of geometry.) Fast forward a few months, and I'm finally putting together my sheet layers and putting viewports on them. Lo and behold, all the objects that I thought were gone are there, in the viewport, all clustered up together where I left them. They are in the "None" class, which I know because if I set the viewport not to show the "None" class, they vanish. Problem is, I cannot find them *anywhere* in the design layers. Both layers and classes are set to "Show/snap/modify others", and the None class is editable and has both a fill and a pen color. How can something be visible in a viewport but not in the design layers?
  2. I'd like to jump in and confirm I am also having this issue, the symbols vanish and it takes some undo / redo voodoo to get them to come back. Screenshots at: https://imgur.com/a/hO2t9


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