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  1. I have scoured your website for information on changes between 9.5.0 and 9.5.1. On your 9.5.1 info page, you list many features which already exist in 9.5.0. What are the specific improvements in 9.5.1?
  2. Neither can I. Anyone an Nemetschek out their who can educate us? When I go to "OpenGL Render Settings", checking the "Use Textures" box makes no difference when rendering with OpenGL. Instead of using the texture settings, the class attributes for fill/line are still used.
  3. Your documentatioin indicates that you can use the Setup Assistant more than once in the same file. What is the point of making Setup Assistant an available menu command if it is known not to work? It is useless to advertise a broken feature. Wishful thinking on the part of your company will not produce satisifed customers.
  4. Every time I use Setup Assistant to make modifcations to the current drawing file (i.e., changing the page size and nothing else), it adds extra elevation sheets. So now, for instance, for a small residential project, I have 16 Elevation sheets and 16 Mod-Elevation layers and 16 Sheet-Elevation layers. The same thing happens for Perspective sheets (or anything that has layer links, I imagine). Why does this happen? Is this the usual case of a bug, or is the user at fault?
  5. Katie - I have already tried this - exactly what you mention. Please read my first message for the results.
  6. If Print Color as Grey is set to YES and Color Matching is set to Black and White, I do not get a Black and White print; colored elements print as grayscale. I wish for all colored lines to print as black. I know that this is an easy enough script to write, and as I understand it there are scripts out there that already do this. Vectorworks Architect is built to print out construction drawings. I am baffled that Black and White printing is not a built-in feature. I have read on the message board posts that it is expected that the user will have a "Black and White" setting on their printer options. But as you can see, this is simply an inadequate solution. Grayscale printing is unacceptable as a solution. For a program as feature-rich as yours, the lapses in judgement concerning exactly WHAT features are worth including is perplexing.
  7. I am attempting to print in Black and White mode from VW 9.5 on a Mac (OS 9.2.2) to an HP DesignJet 1055CM. Text elements that display as color DO print in B&W. However, all color lines/fills print as color. How do I get the entire drawing to print as B&W?


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