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  1. Hey There, Till now i used vw 8.5 & microspot to plot my drawing at the local printing shop, I made the drawing, send it throught microspot to get an plot file with an .raster extension, changed the extension from .raster into .plt and presto i could get all my drawing plotted. However I upgraded top VW 11.5 and printing is not getting anywhere, I added the xerox 8830 in the printerlist ( it uses the 750C driver from HP) and made a pdf print, but the printer can't read this he only can read the plt files. Now is my question: Do I need any soort of raster imagine software an witch one, or is ther a workaround to get the raster images witch can be changed into plt files. I use an G4 533 with 2 gb ram
  2. Hi there, I'm using VW 8.5.2 on A G4/533 with OS 9.2 with microspot grapicpak 36 USB to create plotfiles for sending to a printcenter that uses an OCE TDS 800 large format printer. I'm curtenly looking into getting vw 9.5 for OS X, but microspot only ships at this moment an X-rip version for HP printers. Is there an alternative for non HP printers, because a tech at microspot told me there where no plans for adding othere printers,like epson, croma or oce to the X-rip software. cheers
  3. Hi there,I'm using vw 8.5.2 on a Mac G4/533 in combination wtih Microspot Graphicpak 36-USB.The print shop uses a oce 9700 large format printer. Must I give the print shop a script for the pens, color and thicknis, in order to print my drawings, or can it be specified wihtin the program?


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