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  1. So for the 2018 Vectorworks after you make a viewport and put it on a sheet, there is a defaulted drawing label in the annotation. How do I change my setting so that the drawing label does not show up with ever new viewport I make?
  2. So I am in an X-Reference file of a plan with a door. In the original file, the door is in its own class and has the door tag on the schedule and the door tag is in a class of their own. I go to the X-Reference file to turn off the door and the door tag. The door turns off but the door tag stays on. How can I get door and window tags to turn off when they are in an x-reference file?
  3. So I made elevation views of my projects. I have to manually update my view every time I make a change or ever time I open the file. Where in the setting can I have the file automatically update all of my views?
  4. Say I have three different objects that are about the same size right on top of each other. I want to select the farthest third object in. what do I do? I can not get it to highlight. I do not want to bring the third item forwards.
  5. So if I have items overlapping on top of each other. How do I tab between them to highlight the one item I do want?
  6. So after I hit Ctrl C to copy an item, I then hold down the Ctrl and hit Shift key to move the item on the x or y-axis but the whole item moves instead of the copied item. how can I just move the copied item?
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