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  1. Thanks. I am changing them around some, however, so the utility of the printed version is limited. I can make a little matrix manually, but (as this is a Wish list) I was hoping there was a way to reveal what's in the software already, better yet to modify the settings from a matrix.
  2. Is there a way? VectorDepot has a MAC keyboard showing assigned shortcuts, with apparently a WIN version, but only for vw8.5. It would be very useful to have a way to read assigned shortcuts, and possibly sort in different ways.
  3. I'd also like to see it worked on, to streamline multiple offsets. Could the dimension dialogue pop up spontaneously? And, couldn't it contain the last (you name it)..say 10, offset dimensions used, so one could select / reuse a dimension quite easily. The same sort of dialogue might work for the Move command, wall thicknesses,...others? Carl
  4. I'm told by Tech Support: It's a bug in 9.5.1 only. 9.5.0 was fine in this regard. Will be remedied next time around. - Carl
  5. Thanks for your quick replies. I didn't get the right question across though. I've no trouble accessing the Edit Sheets palette, either through the Saved Sheets, or Resources palettes... The problem is (to be more specific): there appears to be no way to (via Edit Sheets) set the Active Class to a class which has (hyphenated) sub-classes. For example: exst-struct; exst-floor; etc. The Edit Sheets palette doesn't display the sub classes, and Active Class can only be set to a class which stands alone (has no sub classes). When a class with sub classes is selected, the change isn't saved. Perhaps 8.5.2 was the same way. Can't remember. This is the same issue as "How could one toggle through the class structure, as it's a tree, not a line" - Carl
  6. I don't seem to be able to modify saved sheet characteristics by: Resources Palette > Saved Sheets > Enter (or double click) Changes aren't saved. Also class list only displays the top (root) class. I can't remember how 8.5.2 did this, and don't have it installed at the moment, so I can't check. But it doesn't look right. Am I missing something? Carl Burns
  7. I'm curious. What's the advantage in your method Petri..you favor "copy" over "save as", and as you said you do the opposite of CipesDesign, whose method is encouraged by the way the OS deals with a "save as"(files the original version and opens the new one). I recall a concern about doing "save as" in vectorworks, but haven't heard about this issue in a long time.
  8. In elevation, default "frame" dimensions don't accurately represent frame. Would be great to have windows look truer to reality.
  9. I see a difference in printed line weights between two lines with identical attributes, one angled the other horizontal (or vertical). I see this more with one printer(hp4m) than another(hpdj430). I recall this as an old topic, and related to the squareness of pixels. Can this be rectified? Is it a function of drivers, printers, or the base program? Does postscript printing deal with line weights differently? Thanks, Carl vwa 9.5w98
  10. Yes...It would be great if the (NNA and possibly user) expertise evident here and in the discussion list could be worked into a maintained database of information on systems...combinations of hardware/software/tasks unique for VW users. Some obvious candidates: printing solutions, backup solutions, maybe network solutions. My guess: This has been considered and rejected by NNA on a simple cost/benefit basis. Additional income expected / cost to devote space and staff; continuing time to maintain; cost to purchase or make deals for hardware; liability for bad info; liklihood of alienating partner enterprises by reviews, however accurate, etc. I think it's a great idea anyhow and would further endear users to the product and company.
  11. Site links not working? When I do a search ("dtm") and click on one of resulting links, I end up @ NNA Homepage. Carl
  12. Try the numbers on the far right of the keyboard (alt+...). Should work. Carl
  13. This is sort of manual and probably exactly what you're referring to, but: You know about the "use layer colors" (document) preference? That's a simple, single switch to do what you're talking about. It obviously has a global (within file) impact though. A less fussy, somewhat dumber (dumb=good) option might be to simply cut/paste the required (plan) image as a group, assigning all of it the desired attributes (grey line color). Obviously it wouldn't update automatically, but for this use, that doesn't seem so bad. It seems that what we might all like would be to layer-link a set of layers into a target layer, and, while maintaining class colors for display/printing, display the layer linked layers as grey. I'm still baffled sometimes at the rules for displaying objects (what their attributes are) enclosed within other objects, as groups, symbols. Perhaps the above can already be done?
  14. I experience this also, intermittently: sometimes impossible to switch between files via "Window" PII, W95, 224 m, 9.0.1 VW,VA,RW
  15. I think there are some improvements (the trim tool is quick and easy to use now) and some losses in the trim methods in 9.0.1, for my work. I have seen a lot of wishes for the return of the old control-T (win). I hope NNA can spare some concerted thought on this...there seem to be many sorts of trimming situations and now a number of trimming tools here and there around the program. Not pretending to take the time to do it here, I think it would be great to see the trimming better organized / centralized and extended to handle the requirements people propose.
  16. Exactly. Another way I've tried to use them less successfully: to layerlink a plan into a layer of 2d elevations, composed the old-fashioned way, with lines from adjacent plan and/or section. Fine in concept, but the machine (It was W95, P233, VW 8.5.2) kind of bogged down with the layerlink. Interesting that a full copy (not a symbol) of the plan was far less taxing for the program / computer. [This message has been edited by Carl Burns (edited 08-03-2001).]
  17. In case anyone else was a little puzzled by this tool: I did a little bit of exploring and the answers (as is often the case) are in the program... Double-click on page tool icon returns page to origin; it's easy to move page center to preset loci anywhere; the data bar can be used to enter relative move coordinates. One apparent exception: At the first move, the data bar doesn't appear. On subsequent moves, it does appear however. This is not an obstacle though.
  18. It's already there. As pointed out I think by John Williams...use "layer colors" (preferences) and grey / snap to heart's content. Works fine.
  19. The existing command is somewhat inconsistent I think: In "linear" mode, the number you enter yields the number of objects created; in rectangular and circular modes, the same numbers refer to the total end result. The command works on the basis of the object center, yet there's no way I know to snap to the center, except for making the object into a symbol and adding a locus at the origin. Could the command show the center by adding a locus and allowing the user to move it? This would address one of the long-standing wishlist items I think.
  20. It seems impossible to control the page location with the move page tool: The move page tool / cursor snaps to objects, but not to the page. Also the page cannot be selected and grouped with a reference object like a locus or line(s). So, once moved, its location is unknown forevermore (in that file)?
  21. Yes! Grey Others / Snap would approximate the effectiveness of drawing a sequence of layers (of a building or object)on overlaid sheets of trace.
  22. Trying to import a small file (48 kb of surveyor's info / 3 acre site)from Generic Cad (AutoDesk) into VWA 9.0.1 I get: "Open DWG Library Error 301" I don't even get into the import dialogue. Trying to open same with IntelliCAD 98 I get: "probable bad viewport entity header data" Any thoughts? (The same info imports ok via DXF though. I thought the information might be closer to original in DWG though. I don't THINK this is saved in paperspace). Thanks, Carl
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