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  1. In something I saw some time ago from Nemetschek, I can?t remember exactly where, there was a movie showing a cam and rocker arm actually moving relative to on another. I would like to be able to do that type of motion simulation. Is there currently a way to create such a movie in Mechanical? If not is such a capability contemplated?
  2. OK, then I hereby modify my wish. I wish the cancellation would work faster. Because I didn't know how much work I had saved and because I had the time available to wait I waited over an hour for a rather simple part to render. I have simplified it now to make it go faster but I sure would like to break in to the computation and say, like Gilda, "Never mind."
  3. That is my (vague) memory too. I don't know if it is the MacOS 10.3 or the latest VW upgrade but neither nor works now.
  4. I read Katie's comment to the effect that once rendering is started one has to wait for the complex calculations to finish. I wish there were a way to abort complex calculations so rendering could be stopped more quickly. Sometimes I don't realize how slow it is going to be until I get into the "render" phase of the process. By then I either have to force quit or wait.
  5. This seems to be an easy one. When drawing in one of the standard views -- top (or plan), front or right could the icon representing the current view be highlighted? This would be a boon for those of us with short term memory loss who can't remember which view we are in. Often I have objects which are similar in different views and it would be quick to just glance at the icon. If none is highlighted one would be alerted to the fact that the drawing might be currently in an off-axis condition.


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